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If there's an aspect of one of an X games you'd like additional info on added to the wiki, please reply (AKA "comment") to this page to let people know.

It's easy to add content ourselves to without logging in (which isn't necessary or possible) but feel free to ask if its unfamiliar territory.

X games already supported by this wiki

  • X Rebirth games:
    • Classic X Rebirth (XR)
    • X Rebirth Virtual Reality Edition (XR VR E)
  • X3 games:
    • X3Terran Conflict (X3:TC)
    • X3:Albion Prelude (X3:AP)
    • X3:Reunion (X3:R)

If you'd like to support an earlier X game (e.g. provide content for it) please feel free to reply too.

Examples of content added upon request to make this wiki a more 'complete' one.

  • Info on individual ship to supplement the ship pages here.
  • Info on individual stations to supplement the station pages here.
  • Info on individual wares to supplement the ware page here.
  • Universe Info (the maps) to supplement the travel and galaxy info here (which includes links to 3rd-party maps).
  • DLC info (Egosoft info from Steam pages, with related hyperlinks; additional links to the Egosoft Shop and


  1. Thanks for providing feedback on desired content. I've updated the page with info and hyperlinks to help make sure everyone is on the same page. Please feel free to elaborate on any of the points or to suggest others.

    For reference, checking "Page History" under the Tools options lets us see transparently what was written before the updates I mentioned.


  2. Anonymous


    May I ask if we could provide here joystick information ?

    I'm not sure if search engines can read info here (useful for players seeking infos).

    Like general feedback about a specific joystick. Also maybe profiles ?

    I could provide a sample for the X52 if you agree.

    1. All information related to game is welcome here.
      You can provide relevant info yourself. There is "create" button on top to create pages.
      You can attach files to page if you want to share your device profiles.

      -- solntcev

  3. Anonymous

    DLC info*

    I started to update the TTO DLC page now, bringing it in line with a typical Wikipedia page about a game or DLC. I also added a section about the soundtrack. There's still some info and screenshots missing, so it's marked as Work in Progress.
    - X2 

    1. Looks nice. Thanks for introducing me to a spoiler mechanic (smile)

      - Sparky

  4. Would it be possible to amend table contents as a scrollable pane? Currently for long/large tables the heading section carries on scrolling up, while the current content remains visible. In particularly large tables when L<->R scrolling is necessary this can become particularly confusing..

    So, fix (ie permanently place, while viewing the table) the headings at the top of the browser window while allowing the user to scroll thru the content..

     - Snafu

    1. CONF-9267 - Getting issue details... STATUS