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Re: Hints and tips for bugs



 I am in DV.BP.3 I was sending ship all over getting thing I need to get my Mega cell fab up and running

  I sent out 15 ships to transfer wares in the Property Owned Menu  had np with that . I had one Lyramekron with 9000 plasma pumps on it so I could empty it .

 I went to the trade offer  menu  to sell it off  as soon as I clicked on trade offers the games crashes .

I have done it now 15 time  and  it  does  the same thing every time just crashes .

 I have these Extensions running,

Automated Emergency Jump,


big space for Stations,

NPCs on your stations!

Mission Computer,

Lib MT-Modjoker Liberay,

Station Annoumecments,

More crew,

Teladi Outpost,

Player shipyard,


Welding Laser,

Xenon Hunt 2,

 I did turn them all off ,and  it still did the same thing . and  I did go to DV.BP.1 and to DV.BP.2 still same thing crashes as soon I click on the trader offers menu.


  1. Hi Scorpion,

    I've updated the first post to try and provide more clarity in future on bugs relating to mods, and how they may potentially be solved.

    If you can reproduce the bug in a new, unmodified save game, please see the note in the first post about the Beta Forum.

    If this crash only occurs in modified games, even after every is turned off, it sounds like an extension has caused a problem in your save. In which case to work out what extension was responsible probably requires a fresh, unmodified start and trying each extension alone, in turn. If you need a quick injection of Credits to try that you could use the unmodified save here and sell some assets.

    If unable to work out what extension may be the cause, you could try asking in the thread of one of mods that people have posted in recently but it's a bit of a long shot.


    1. how would I send you my Save game  File?

  2. I'm just a volunteer moderator hoping I can point you in the right direction (smile)

    I wouldn't be able to help with a save and in general, the wiki isn't the right place to find help with one (please see updated first post).

    - Sparky

  3. Scorpionscs DxDiag.txt

     - Scorpionscs

    1. A dxdiag file is helpful for working out if there are any issues with your computer system that may potentially be causing issues with playing Rebirth. You would need to make a post in the Technical Forum (see first post for details) where people familiar with them could see them. If would be helpful to mention in that thread that you're using a modified game but someone might be able to look out for common issues all the same. Good luck.

      - Sparky

  4. If you're not at ease with beta releases, I suggest you to switch back to normal release (3.60 if I'm not wrong) on steam properties of XRebirth.

    Thanks for your time contribution Sparks (wink)

    - Anonymous

    1. You're welcome (smile)

      Nice tip - I added something based on it to the OP. Thanks!

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