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Short Name: ARG

Moniker(s): The Federation, Argon, Argon Government

Race Description

The descendants of Terran colonists stranded from Earth centuries ago, the Argon became their own thriving civilisation covering a great many systems and forging relations with several alien races. Throughout their short history the Argon Federation has been plagued by war, notably with the Xenon. Their greatest challenge however came from the unlikely source of the reconnected Terrans of Earth where they were plunged into the costly Terran Conflict.

Faction Description

The Argon Federation was founded by the descendants of Terran Settlers cut off from their home system and stranded in deep space during the Terraformer wars. The settlers' colonised planet, Argon Prime, is the Federation's heart, and a cultural and industrial hotspot to this day. The Federation tries to maintain good relations with the other races, if they deem these relations to be mutually beneficial, but ever since the Gate Shutdown, diplomatic relations on all sides are deteriorating and conflicts, such as the war with the Holy order of the Pontifex, emerge.


  • Argon vs Xenon
  • Argon vs Holy Order of the Pontifex



Illegal Goods

Illegal Items

  • AGI heuristic core
  • AGI neural network
  • AGI processor
  • Decryption module
  • Delirium
  • Hallucinogens
  • Security bypass system
  • Security decryption system
  • Security slicer
  • Spacefly caviar
  • Spacefly eggs
  • Unstable crystal

Illegal Wares

  • Spacefuel
  • Spaceweed


Spoilers ahead

This section contains spoilers about the contents of sectors. If you want a spoiler-free introduction take a look at the The X-Universe And Map page

A list of all sectors the Argon Federation start with when a new game is created. All Argon Federation sectors are located on the left side of the map, sandwiched between the Antigone Republic, The Hatikvah Free League and the Teladi. With the addition of the Split Vendetta DLC the Argon federation gain three new outpost sectors at the top of the map, often players have found these new sectors fall to the neighbouring Zyarth Patriarchy without player intervention. The main Systems, Sectors and Zones page has more info for resources etc.


The Argon Federation manufacture average or above average vessels with some player favourites like the Quasar and the Cerberus Vanguard. With the exception of the Quasar all ships manufactured by the Argon Federation are the vanguard variants (faster, weaker hull) of the Antigone republic vessels. The Ships page has more specific data on all ships


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