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Data Vaults

As of X4 version 3.30, there are 28 data vaults scattered across the universe (not including any DLC).

If you are looking for data vaults, you might want to know the following:

  • Aside a few exceptions, most data vaults are in the area around connecting gates/highways
  • Several data vaults are located in "uncommon" sectors (avoiding spoilers here)
  • You can sometimes follow ships that seems to go "out" of the common gate-to-gate path to find data vaults (need more players to confirm)
  • Your ships will not alert you when they come across a data vault
  • You can use your long range scanner mode, but the purple ping (long-range scanner mk2) will only show when the vault is at or closer than 50~40 kms away
  • You can drop satellites or advanced satellites to scan a sector, the vault will show on your map if in range of a satellite/ship but only if you are zoomed enough
  • The level of zoom required to show a vault on the map doesn't seem to follow the size of hexagons displayed on your screen
  • A safe way of searching the map for vault is to have roughly the area of 1 or 2 advanced satellites shown on screen
  • You do not need to be in the sector to discover a vault, but you need to personally "open it" to get the historical entry


  1. Anonymous

    Sicherheitscontainer, lassen sich mit dem Reparaturlaser reparieren. Hilfreich, wenn man zu oft danebengeschossen hat.

  2. Anonymous

    ^Above comment translated to English: Lockboxes can be repaired with the repair laser. Helpful if you have missed too often.

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