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In this section you will find general information on game mechanics, ships and stations, blueprints, drones and so on.



  1. Anonymous

    Shouldn't 'stats' and game mechanics be seperated?

  2. Anonymous

    "In-game entities"?

  3. Anonymous

    Why is all of this game data in "Guides and Tutorials"? It should be separate. In fact, I made a new page for comparison tables/game data, because this is so obscure and hard to find. I'll move this tuff tomorrow if I find out how.

  4. Anonymous

    This section could use some info on ‘ship modifications’. 

  5. Anonymous

    I can't view the pages below this. When I open the page, it is initially selected in Japanese, And displayed to "This page has not yet been translated to 日本語." and I cannot switch to English. (My native language is Japanese.)

    What's going on???

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