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Reunion! The following page contains information relating to content from the Cradle of Humanity DLC

Governing Faction: Terran Protectorate

Map Coordinates: N/A

Encyclopedia Entry

The imposing, yet beautiful, planet Saturn is the planet furthest removed from Earth that can still be observed from there with the naked eye. As such, it has always held a special place in the hearts of the Terran people, even before they were able to make their homes among the stars.

Historically, Saturn hosted a Research Station under joint ATF and USC command. Their focus was the identification and analysis of potential threats to Terran security, especially those posed by outside species and technologies. When the Sol system fell back into the isolation and the Terran government reorganised itself, the assignment of threat assessment was gradually shifted to the Mars-based Terran Secret Service.

In the aftermath of the Torus incident, the Terran government was keen to severely limit access to Earth by travellers and workers from all over the universe, so Saturn now acts as the administrative hub of the Sol system.

Resource Values


Saturn Layout

Sector Layout

Notable Stations


Inter-Sector Connections


Saturn houses the Terran Protectorate faction representative at an Orbital Supply Base. The Orbital Supply base can be a good indicator of how well the terran economy is performing if the player doesn't have access to the core of Sol. The faction representative is essential in being able to unlock the blueprints to manufacture the Syn and the Asgard.

Orbital Supply Base (Faction Headquarters)

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