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The following table contains vanilla stats for capital weapons. Note that player versions of the missiles have different stats listed here.


  1. Stated gun turret DPS relates to perfect conditions. DPS applied in practice will depend on things like:
    1. The target's transverse velocity vs turret's tracking speed.
  2. Stated missile DPS relates to a perfect hit on a target's hull. DPS applied in practice will depend on things like:
    1. Whether a target moves out of range after the missile is fired.
    2. If the target has surface elements that are caught in the blast radius, it increases total damage applied per detonation. 
    3. V Crushers realising they have hit a target's model (sometimes they fly through and out the other side...).

Capital weapon systemTypeDPSRangeMax speedAcc.Tracking (o/s)D/barrageBarrage intervalHullEconomic class1
HailstormGun4,2001.681,400-90  9,000Advanced
HIT/MA (human/Teladi)Gun1,4003.57900-608400.67,000Standard
HIT/MA (Xenon)Gun2,2003.991,600-604,4002.06,000n/a
HIVI/MA (Xenon)Gun6,0008.8600-20  21,000n/a
IHC (Sucellus)2Gun24,0008.0500-n/a192,0008.0integraln/a
Plasma/JET LR3Gun12,0507.25,200-2096,0008.035,000Advanced
Plasma/MA (human/Teladi)Gun3,6807.04600-30  28,000Standard
Plasma/MA (Split)Gun6,6004.76900-30  26,000n/a
Plasma/MA (Xenon)Gun6,4006.211,600-45  21,000n/a
Astrobee LauncherMissile4,0006.04003504548,00012.046,000Advanced
Balor NovadonesMissile2,0008.012060n/a80,00040.0integraln/a
Balor Novadones ("cavalry Balor")4Missile~6,0008.012060n/a80,000~13integraln/a
Sunstalker missilesMissile9009.0550180n/a18,00020.0integraln/a
V Launcher (dumbfire rockets)Missile2,2506.01,5003754518,0008.042,000Standard

D: Damage.
s: Seconds.
ICH: Integrated High Calibre Cannon (AKA "Insanely Huge Cannon"); see point 3 below.
1. Pertaining to the Economic Logistics software groupings.
2. The spinally-mounted IHC fires a 3-shot barrage of 64 k damage projectiles, every 8 seconds, with an AOE effect (target must be in front to be shot at).
3. Plasma/JET fires a beam that may lose tracking while shooting; stats assume a 100% hit at close range (damages reduces a bit over distance). 
4. First 3 volleys from Balors approaching from long range arrive close together due to sluggish missiles. 

Table changelog

07.03.2016Capital missiles' DPS fixedWith thanks to w.evans for missile code-diving and brain-storming
16.03.2016Fixed Sucellus IHC statsNew stats based on in-game observations.
03.04.2016Added "cavalry Balor" statsFirst 3 volleys from Balors approaching from long range arrive close together due to sluggish missiles.
12.12.2016Fixed Balor torpedo rangeThanks go to w.evans for code-diving.


  1. Anonymous

    Notes should be used for notes about specific weapon mechanics rather than mentioning unique ships. If you want to map weapons to ships then there should be a separate column for that.

    Despite the JET turret being intended as an anti-capital weapon it has little difficulty hitting fighters. Once it locks on it will always hit, even at several kilometers of range although at range the damage is much more manageable. It also attacks less than once a second meaning it hits very hard. A single hit from a JET can break a MK4 Dashing shield setup and deal some hull damage if at close range. Apparently it is possible to out strafe the JET turret turn rate when at close range, however I have yet to try/achieve this as the JET lasers will usually destroy you before being close enough and they have no problem locking onto the Albion Skunk at range.

    SPOILER ALERT (below)
    If playing story mode you will have to assault a weapon platform and several XL fight ships equipped with multiple JET lasers. During this time it is strongly recommended the <player> physically hang back and let them tear up the Arawns since if they decide to target the Albion Skunk it can be near instantly vaporized. The player can bring in his Taranis fight ship or any other XL fight ships he owns to try and turn the results of the battle however there is a very good chance they will be destroyed as the battle is intended to end in defeat and force a retreat. Independent on the combat results the platform will be completely destroyed after the mission ends meaning that there is no risk of <player> ships being attacked by its JET lasers.

  2. Anonymous

    After extensive experience boarding almost every ship in the game (except Fulmakron) I have a strange feeling the listed speeds for the "HIT/MA (Xenon)" and possibly "Plasma/MA (Xenon)" are wrong, or at least there is something else at work with them. Both being shotgun like and having quoted projectile speeds above the Hailstorm they should be really difficult to dodge. However they are considerably easier to dodge than the Hailstorm turret, even at very close range. From observation it feels like the incoming projectiles move slower, with speed closer to HIT/MA (human/Teladi) than Hailstorm. Maybe it is due to Hailstorm spread/fragmentation being better, or perhaps the faster tracking speed. However the fact remains that despite the absolutely over powered speed stat on paper, in practice they are trivial to dodge even near 1km.

    Plasma/JET Laser turrets deal damage over time from personal observations. At long distances they seem to land fewer damage ticks before the beam expires because the beam duration is fixed and starts counting down from the time it is launched. This would explain why they do less damage at long range. Half the problem with them is that the beam tracks with the turret meaning that on top of an insane projectile speed it also has basic homing capabilities. They will only miss or do light damage to a target they lock on to if the target is at the maximum turret range (manageable shield damage or miss) or if the turret cannot keep the lock due to slow tracking (near melee range, other turret fire likely a problem). The beam also appears to have some splash capability meaning it may damage multiple surface elements and hull at the same time. In any case it is suicide for the Albion Skunk to ever try to approach a Plasma/JET Laser turret, instead it is recommended to fire Sunstalker or heavier missiles from the 9-8km range to remove all Plasma/JET Laser turrets to assure safe approach and combat.

    In addition to the HIVI/MA (Xenon) on the K, there is also a HIVI/MA for player and NPC stations. Although strictly not a "capital ship weapon" it might be worth mentioning here as stations do share a lot of weapon systems with ships. These are the guns usually found on Targon Tracers (defence stages) seen firing the massive slow moving purple projectile pair at incoming hostiles. Both do heavy splash damage around the area of impact, potentially hitting many surface elements on top of the hull. The massive splash means the Xenon K is even more deadly than one might think as a few lucky shots at a Taranis could result in the destruction of the Drone Launch Pad or one of the few broadside banks of Plasma Turrets.


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