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The Sanahar is a container ship introduced in XR 3.0, and is an absolute top performer. It boasts the fastest speed (of any freighter), is extremely well-armed, and doesn't sacrifice any cargo space for those merits. Its naming scheme suggests there should be other variants of this line, though as of XR 4.0 the Container version remains the only option.

  • Sanahar (Container):
    • Hull: 1000K
    • Capital Shield Class: Capital Field Generator Mk1 (x1)
    • Component Shield Class: Force Field Projector Mk1
    • Speed: 98 m/s
    • Storage: 110K (Container)
    • Drone Capacity: 150
    • Weapons:
      • HIT/MA Turret (Argon) x9
      • Plasma/MA Turret x2

<Info from Simoom's guide: XR Capital Ships>

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