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The Sequana is supposedly a dedicated ice miner per the in-game description, though the game only really cares about the cargo bay type and the presence of appropriate mining drones. Therefore like all freighters with Bulk-type storage, the Sequana can collect any type of ore as long as the Surface Miner URVs are equipped. What is unique about the Sequana is its exceptional drone capacity, which arguably makes it the best mineral miner in the game (since mining speed is determined by the number of equipped drones).

  • Hull: 1600K
  • Capital Shield Class: Capital Field Generator Mk1 (x1)
  • Component Shield Class: Force Field Projector Mk1
  • Speed: 82 m/s
  • Storage: 280K (Bulk)
  • Drone Capacity: 300
  • Weapons:
    • HIT/MA Turret (Argon) x6
    • Mining Turret x2

<Info from Simoom's guide: XR Capital Ships>