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To learn about how the different in-game maps in X Rebirth interconnect, please see the Infographic hereFor different types of player maps, see the following table. If you'd prefer a text-based guide, see here.

To read about the different means of travel that different types of ships may use, see here.


Regular maps

Map typeZonesSectorsSystemsGalaxy structure

Mined resources

Map spoiler risk
Wiki map of sectorsNoYesYesClearNoModerate (zone conections excluded)

Seizewell map of everything, by Drow

YesYesYesInterpretable but complexYes (colour-coded)High (amazing detail)
HoL DLC maps, by spankahontisYes (screenshots)Yes (screenshots)NoNoNoModerate (Zones shown but only 1 sector at a time)
Colour blindness-friendly list of mined resoucesResources are listed per zonen/an/an/aYesLow (system conections and hostile zones are shown).
Map of everything by Jeltz Prostetnic (visio, png)YesYesYesYesYes (colour-coded)High, includes transcend addon

X Rebirth Interactive Map (XRIM)

A downloadable tool by YOYOMAN_MODDER, found on the forum here.


  1. Anonymous

    Seizewell map link not working?

    1. Thanks for the report. I think it is fixed now.

      - Sparky

  2. Anonymous

    Please report errors on the visio map to Jeltz Prostetnic at the egosoft forum (

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