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Welcome to the Conquest and War in Rebirth (CWIR) mod wiki (smile)

CWIR's forum thread can be found here - please use the forum for all feedback/questions/bug reports. Please feel free to help build and improve this wiki though. Anyone can use and edit the wiki, as explained in further detail here.

To the left, child pages for this wiki begin to catalogue information about how CWIR mod works and plays to support players enjoy it and modders support it. Please review the history section before installing CWIR for important warning.


History and compatability

  1. CWIR mod is only compatible with non-Campaign gamestarts, existing saves from non-Campaign gamestarts and post-plot Campaign game saves.

  2. CWIR cannot be used with the Campaign gamestart or a Campaign game where the plot is incomplete (if unsure about whether the plot is completed, ask about your game in the CWIR thread first).

  3. CWIR is the child of three parents: BlackRain's WWX mod, Rubini's Conquest Mod and BlackRain's Player Shipyards and more mod. WWX brought widespread conflict to the galaxy, whilst Conquest Mod followed Rebirth main plot themes and implemented zone capture mechanics. The latter allowed players to own their own shipyards and introduces a variety of new factional ships. BlackRain and Rubini have developed CWR as a neat merger of those broad, inter-related themes. As a result, users of CWIR should not use those 3 predecessor mods.



As noted above, please use the CWIR forum thread for posting all feedback/questions/bug reports. A related message from BlackRain:

"FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT FOR DEVELOPMENT! Even though I have a pretty good familiarity with the game, there is still a lot I can use feedback on. I have a certain way of playing which may be different from others so I never experience some of what the game has to offer. My focus is usually more on combat and conquest than economy (although I participate in that by station building and trading so it isn't that I am not familiar with it at all). Could use more voices on that area, though. I hope to make the economic side just as important as the other aspects." 


  1. Anonymous

    Great work, guys!

  2. Anonymous

    Conquest Mod is not compatible with 4.30 anymore, right? I like CWIR but I find it too convoluted for my tastes. I would really just like the ability to destroy stations.

    Also, when do an Invasion ends? I installed the mod and then helped some faction deflect the Invasion Force in Omicron Lyrae but other waves kept comingless than 5 minutes after the last one ended.

    Is there any way to defeat the Xenon with this mod or are they invincible (i.e. infinite ships, infinite invasion force, never get weakened)?

  3. Anonymous

    When I say Conquest Mod I mean Rubini's Conquest Mod, sorry if I was not clear.

  4. Anonymous

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