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As with all things, consider the creation date, and corresponding Rebirth version number, for any guide. Ideally, this will be less significant for Rebirth wiki-based guides since we can all update or add to them as and when we like. That said, it pays to keep that caution in mind when reading things here just as we may when reading elsewhere on the web.


  • Guides within hierarchical child pages to the left.
  • Guides published by or on behalf of Egosoft 
  • Other substantial guides to Rebirth
  • Video Tutorials by players

Guides published by or on behalf of Egosoft

Patch notes are here.

linolafett's info about art and sound production is here.

Rebirth v1.25: features video.

Rebirth v1.30: Upkeep Missions video.

Rebirth v2.00: guide is here.

Rebirth v2.50: Diplomatic Aid missions are explained in this video.

Rebirth v3.00: feature guide by Ketraar is here.

Rebirth v3.60: Flight Assist OFF guide is here.

Other substantial guides to Rebirth

Zloth's Guide to all things in Rebirth v3.50 (link).

The starfreeze Rebirth Wiki, last updated circa v3.20 (link).

Roguey's Rebirth wiki, last updated circa v2.50 (link).


  1. 09.11.2015 update (recent additions):

    • A short screed on Pirating as a philosophy in X:R.
    • Capital ship guide for Rebirth 3.00.
    • Controlling where stations' ships travel.
    • Harvestable resource locations.
    • Map for X Rebirth (including The Teladi Outpost)
    • NPC Skills and their use.
    • Station building guide.
    • The game world & engine.
  2. 09.11.2015 additions:

    • Map for X Rebirth.
    • Reputation effects.
    • Reputation with Teladi Outpost buccaneers.
  3. 11.11.2015 additions:

    •  Miscellaneous gameplay tips.
  4. 13.11.2015 changes:

    • Miscellaneous gameplay tips remained Skunk Capabilities.
    • Mission tips added.
  5. 31.01.2016 changes:

    • Changes largely driven by the nice increase in the number of guides.
    • Improved the hierarchy by making child pages fewer and deeper.
    • Merged the list of 'guides elsewhere on the web' into related child pages.
    • Replaced the above category with "Other substantial guides to Rebirth".
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