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X Rebirth VR Edition 4.30 manual:

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Slideshow on controlling X Rebirth VR Edition using the Oculus Touch or Vive Controllers:


X Rebirth 4.00 update and Home of Light feature guide:

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X Rebirth 4.00 update and Home of Light feature video:

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear sir, or to whom this may interest.


    I have in years past, played the X universe game, and found reunion to be the most interesting and fun to play.

    I have tried the rebirth version but found it too lame and a bit pointless. ( sorry )

    Recently I ventured back into your opposition’s game Elite. But find is so frustratingly hard and awkward to just get going. So have abandoned it as a waist of time.


    Your game reunion, had a really good interface. The graphics I found to be very nice and enjoyable to use.


    What I am proposing is to use your game engine, and your experience to develop a cross breed game.


    I get fed up with the constant shoot em up game’s, although for a short time they can be fun. However there are lots of them out there and we need not an other.


    What I think could be a game changer is a different approach.


    Each player gets a system that is theirs, it is customisable with tools to make it as they like. This feature is what can make this more interesting and enjoyable to fly through.


    So you start of with a basic planet, orbiting your star. You decide what rules are that govern your system, this meaning, if you are a placid peaceful player who wishes not to be constantly fighting then these are your rules and no one can interfere.

    Or you can be an aggressive if that is your bent!


    You can travel from system to system, knowing in advance if the player is peaceful, or aggressive in advance. Thus allowing you the choice to enter or go elsewhere.

    Or if doable, a protective shield that is impenetrable, from attack rendering the action as futile and a waist of time. So the bullies learn to leave you alone. ( this could be a good spectator section so we can watch others battling it out and not be affected. )



    So where this is going! Primarily its an exploration environment. Going to new systems and to enjoy how they have been wallpapered so to speak. If the owner of that system is open for contact a dialog can be initiated. This is solely their prerogative, and can if they wish remain anonymous.


    Your ship starts of as a small one, that over time you can customise and build to your specifications. ( obviously made from standardised components that are easily reconstructed when entering a new persons system! ) This construction happens when you warp across, giving time to transfer the necessary data on line.


    Each player get’s a coordinate based on where they live in this real world, This puts like minded peoples together (a loose term) So initially your local real players are indeed close by in real life. The nice thing about this is over time and game play you can get to meet players from further afield. Be that virtually.


    Using your travelled database, you can quickly move around, but are restricted to only those places you have previously visited. Now using the information in each system, a message can be left as to where are good and interesting places to visit.

    The potential to have more visiting ships, this can over time lead to an income from advertising boards placed in the system. This is where extra money can both be made by you the developer, and also the creative player who attracts more visitors.


    If there is a particular planetary design that you like else ware it can for a very small fee be purchased, giving the designer a commission.


    This give’s a good reason to be part of this game, environment, interface. It not only can be fun and interesting to venture through, you can earn money as well. Plus, it is a new contact interface for smart phones ect.


    How cool is it to fly over to see your friend, taking a little time and thought. And enjoying the colourful journey along the way. Particularly if you are sporting a new ship design. !


    Trading, fighting and all those subsidiary things can be part of it. But not compulsory. It is an environment that you customise to suit your needs, not the primitive cave man thugs that torment others and make other games unenjoyable.


    This is obviously open for development, but I think it has vast potential.


    Please let me know what you think.


    Peter Burgess, an awaiting pilot who just wants to fly around out there.


    P.S. if this gets off the ground, may I be entitled to an extra special ship that is not only unbelievably fast. But is untouchable, and awesome. He he. ( an alien one will be just the ticket )

    1. Hi, thanks for your detailed feedback / suggestions. However, this wiki is not the right place for these kind of discussions. The better place would be our own forums, where you can also learn more about our current project X4: Foundations.

  2. Anonymous

    Which of the X-games are compatable with windows 10.  Loved X2 but it is not compatable with windows 10.

  3. Anonymous

    Although there may be minor problems with the older X-games, all of themm run under under Windows 10. For X2, check out this topic.

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