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Over time since initial release, many users have worked hard to improve the game experience or Rebirth through feature addition and/or fixes. This page tries to keep a record of player work that either overtly or coincidentally became incorporated into X Rebirth over time.

Thinking back over almost 2 years means this list won't be exhaustive but it can be easily updated. The list is chronological by patch from Egosoft that addressed the theme.


Please note that the following mods/extensions are generally not recommended since they are mostly redundant for the reason they are listed. Hyperlinks are basically added to serve as monuments (smile)


v4.10 RC1: Counter of available ammunition display added to detail menus of ships and stations after work by forgotmysocks.

v4.10 b5: Capital ships fighting each other now prioritise each other's surface elements. Behaviour introduced by clj, cicero111 and w.evans.

v4.10 b1: Dedicated behaviour added for the Balor and Scuellus supporting their unique weapons after work by clj, cicero111, and w.evans.

v4.00 RC2: The option for Architect subordinates to trade system-wide was previously only available as part of YorrickVander's GSR mod.

v4.00 b6: MICT by w.evans: Station's launching defensive drones.

v4.00 b6: Automated Emergency Jump by bm01: Depending on skills, ships may attempt to jump or boost to safety after damage exceeds a threshold.

v4.00 b5: MultiAssignment by Phipsz: Added multi-select to Property Owned menu to support multiple orders, assignments and sales.

v4.00 b5: Trade Menu Cargo Hold Filter by blackmilan: Feature incorporated into the Trade Deals menu (not Trade Offers menu though).

v4.00 b4: Mission Computer by cyberfuzzie: A Bulletin Board was added for collating most missions.

v4.00 b3: Player Jump by euclid: JD for the Skunk.

v4.00 b2: Format Thousands by Jth: Event Monitor and Logbook notations no separate out 000's within long numbers.

v3.61: "Improved DPS calculations for launchers including one very wrong case of overpowered missile turrets": Based on player detective work.

v3.60: Clean Sidebar and Main Menu by Olympian: Removed striped backgrounds ("scan line effect") to aid readability.

v3.60: Realistic physics and full/assisted inertia by Realspace: Added ability to rotate 180o to fly backwards (amongst other things).

v3.60: OOZ ship building by ubuntufreakdragon: Did what it says on the tin - OOZ Ship Dealers became accessible via the map.

v3.60: Engineer Fix by bm01: Fixed engineer repairing hull too slowly if there are no other damaged elements. The "long wait" (up to 10 minutes) was triggered after each repair tick.

v3.50: Engineer Drone Fix by w.evans: Fixed an issue whereby docked Construction URVs were not being marked as available.

v3.50: Manager Fix by ubuntufreakdragon: Improved the way a Manager determined what a station needs, helping it to produce.

v3.50: SMUPS by w.evans: Added mining, construction & cargo drones to plot URV Forge (as of 3.60, still makes additional changes).

v3.50: AutoLooter by euclid: Beamed nearby inventory loot into the Skunk before the Container Magnet was added to the game.

v3.20: Marine Rebalance (by w.evans) and Boarding Options (by camus/Clownmug): Added info on boarding attack strength (as of 3.60, still makes additional changes).

v3.00: Recall Player Drones by YorrickVander: This mod allowed us to order the Skunk's drones to dock back up.

v3.00: Remove spawned trade ship wares by SilverXarrow: Prevented trader spawning full of wares to improve the game economy. In v3.00, 100% full cargo was changed to a lower, random % of cargo).

v2.50: Albion Civil (by Reaperxvii) and Real War (by IRaven): Added "civil war" behaviour between Plutarch and Heart of Albion+Canterans.

v2.50: Build Small Ships by Berserk Knight: Added the ability for medium shipyards to build small and medium ships.

v2.50: Core_shields by bobucles: Added shields to the hulls of capital ships.

v2.50: Targeting UI Extension by Observe: Added an external camera.

v2.50: Universal Menu System by Berserk Knight: Added additional slots to the radial menu in the era before we gained the sidebar.

v2.00: Never Enter Stations Again by Mad_Joker: "a major source of inspiration for our version of the functionality to allow most tasks to be performed without landing on stations" (CBJ, 20.05.2014).

v2.00: Manual Command Extension by Jack08: The mod added a series of commands for our ships that a form of which were part of v2.0.

v1.24: Targeting UI Extension by Observe: Added targetting functions such as for nearest enemy.

08.12.2013: Build in Maelstrom by csfelfoldi: Added station build locations to Sigma Sector when none were none were thought to exist.


What other work could we add?

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