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The availability and popularity of various mods indicates that some aspects of the game's interface and mechanics may need further polish. In the meantime, how can we minimise the impact of rough edges in vanilla?

Workarounds for common problems

See the wiki page here.

Skipping repetitive NPC dialogue once familiar with the content

I'm communicating

If Skunk is in space, 'T' (default Drone Interface shortcut) or 'F' (default Action button shortcut) skips audio & video. <It may skip the whole sequence in v4- needs checking - Snafu>


I'm hiring NPCs

If in space, 'T' skips audio but drops us out the Sidebar. Can be quicker if using number shortcuts for hiring screen (Return-6), particularly if hiring Teladi due to their long audio


I'm asking NPCs to work on my ship or station

If doing so while docked, 'Escape' skips the animation sequence and the audio. <'Locked controls' issue ; expand on this; may be fixed in v4 release. Specify where docked if necessary - Snafu>

I'm assigning a new commander to one or more of my ships

If you're in the same zone as the ships in question, you may like to instigate reassignments via the map or left-clicking on ships. Especially if not in the same zone, the Property Menu works fine too. While the player is flying the Skunk, pressing 'T' or 'F' will cancel the dialogue triggered by making an assignment. Then you can quickly select your next ship for assignment or move on to your next objective.

I'm looking for, or undertaking Smalltalk

'Borderless Windowed mode' comes in handy as Alt+Tab to (eg) a website cuts the audio but lets you see how things progress, if you keep the website window clear of the subtitles. Similarly, while hunting for Smalltalk,  you can do the same thing to pass the time while waiting for someone to start speaking.


Economy tips

When planing to build a Station

If targeting a Build spot, the label on the map gives you the name of the Zone the spot belongs to.


When missing RMP in StoryMode

An elegant but unknown way without DLC or Pirating/Hacking to get some is to start a construction site in Albion and enable the Architect to buy the Resources, NPC Traders will buy the RMP from a PMC Construction Shop and sell them to your CV, the construction site can be aborted, the RMP can the gained per ware transfer command, to block build progress low price for not needed Resources like Energy.


Want to know which wares are rare and justify an own station

Buy the Economy Analytics Software Mk1, go to system map, press "Show Statistics" and use the "Offer-amount" tab for a longer period of time, then select wares you are interested to produce.
A much higher demand curve over the supply curve indicates an underproduction (might be due to an underproduction of the resources required, which can interfere).


  1. Anonymous

    What is a RMP? Man is there a Wiki explaining the Wiki?

    1. Anonymous

      RMP = Reinforced Metal Plating.

  2. Anonymous

    What about adjusting font size per UI element for those with visual impairment and those using higher resolutions?  I guess you can make a space game but after years and multiple space games adding adjustable fonts is beyond your teams abilities.

    1. Please use the forums for raising such issues.

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