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Generally speaking, the higher the reputation with a Faction, the more they like <player>. Conversely, the lower the reputation, the more <player>'s disliked. Good reputation leads to (more, higher-paying) missions, improved trading discounts & the availability of Licenses in the more lawful systems of Albion and Omicron Lyrae (resulting in increased mission variety, rewards and cash bonuses for shooting hostiles), and not getting shot in the face.

Faction colourDiscount on
station wares
NPC discount &
Other notes
Blue*25%20%*<Player> faction always displayed in green; permanent +30 rep


100% info unlocked for all the faction's stations


Argon Secret Service
(Secret Service chain mission reward licence requirement)

Blue???%15%Plutarch Defence Initiative Membership;
HoA Defence Membership;
Argon Navy Membership 


???% 5% Police Licence;
Intoxicants License;
Pharmaceuticals Licence 

Blue -Protected Species Licence;
Hazardous Materials Licence
Blue --

Blue --
-10 to -16

Docking, Trade and Mission access suspended;
Otani's ships and stations with aggressive orders will attack faction;
Otani's capitals with Defense Officers set to Attack will start fights
-17 and below

RedOtani and his FIGHT ships will be attacked at all times
-18 and below (min -30)


All Otani's property will be attacked at all times


  1. Anonymous

    NPC discount applies to both personal & station wares. It's purely a /discount/, not a /commission/. There's a further tier at +30 but I can't remember the figure for it atm..

    I'm also pretty sure that <player> trade/mine ships won't be KoS to hostiles until rep is /below/ -20, but I'll need to check if this has changed since 3.61.. - Snafu

  2. Anonymous

    While I remember, the Argon Secret Service (mission) license currently requires a Faction Level of 25+ to /retain/ but only a faction level of 20+ to /gain/. Therefore you can complete the necessary mission chain to gain the licence but then immediately lose it again due to lack of rep.. Hopefully this discrepancy will be sorted soon..

    Oh, & +30 rep with NPC factions still show as blue; all <player> owned assets show as green (& are +30 ofc)


  3. Anonymous

    Must add the rep at 27, as on this you get 100% info on the faction's stations, nothing else.


    On 30 its 25% inventory wares discount and additional discount on wares, for something like anti-matter cells 7% discount on total, something about 60% total discount on energy cells.


  4. Anonymous

    [quote]Must add the rep at 27, as on this you get 100% info on the faction's stations, nothing else.

    On 30 its 25% inventory wares discount and additional discount on wares[/quote]

    Please confirm this after the official v4 release (unless it stands true for the official v3.61x release)

    • Snafu


    1. Anonymous

      I can confirm that at rep 20 none of the faction stations info has gone to 100%.

  5. Anonymous

    Playing fresh 4.0 campaign start, PMC is at -20 but does not attack my non-combat ships, so this table seems slightly wrong? Or is the campaign different?

    1. Pre-4.0 the campaign seemed to follow normal rules. Just to check a couple of things:

      1. Are PMC combat ships ("Fight" designation) not attacking you, or just their Trade/Mine ships?
      2. If using any mods, please list them.




    2. Anonymous

      I can confirm this to some extent. During the forced bad PMC reputation they will automatically attack your fight ships but they seem to mostly ignore your trade ships, possibly for other reasons.

      This might not be the actual case as far as aggression goes, but L and XL capital ships with full hull M/AM drives move around so fast that nothing can really engage them while cruising. The military ships guarding the jump gate seem pretty inept and never move so you have safe entry/exit with Albion. The Jump beacons usually have ships in transit and transporters which do not attack you. Additionally the stations you trade with are owned by friendly companies so you have little chance of being attacked there. Heart of Albion stations will also actively engage PMC ships due to them being at war giving your ships some protection when nearby. Only ships I lost to PMC were some fighters protecting some civilian transports which were parked somewhere for too long just as they went hostile (after I moved them somewhere more safe I lost none more).

      This is a normal play through, 4.0 unmodded. It is possible at higher difficulties the PMC are more aggressive towards you or have more active ships so might engage your trade ships more often. I also only sent Titurals through, which are reasonably tough ships compared to L transports so they might have just brushed off the odd hit from passing capitals and stations like nothing happened.

      I am ignoring the parts where you evacuate Albion where a hostile Taranis will shoot at passing ships in DeVries for that sequence. I am also ignoring the part where the jump gate is defended by the weapon platform and Taranis ships. These threats disappear after the appropriate sequence ends but likely pose huge threats to your trade ships while active.

      Off-topic hint: After the campaign ends and PMC rep is unlocked you can quickly rebuild reputation by shooting up Xenon and hostiles near their stations. I blew up a single Titural and it got me all the way to neutral (no longer showing as red).


  6. Anonymous

    Seems I can't reply as anon. Reply to sparky above:

    1. PMC combat ships (agressively) attack the Skunk and my Taranis, but leave my Rahanas, miner or CV alone, even when side by side.
    2. See the list here


  7. Anonymous

    Right, so the campaign is different. A clarification in the above table could be helpful?

    1. I think it will be the same in both freeplay and campaign game starts so if you're confident about the boundaries, the table is probably inacccurate at the moment. Not been able to double-check yet. - Sparky

  8. Anonymous

    Is it possible to fairly (no save hacking/modding) become friendly with factions such as the Reviers and their equivalent in Albion and OL? All the "shady" missions you are offered are for (given by) the local friendly factions even if they involve something like hacking a station. The only exception I have seen so far is UA and CAR where you can get missions for them from their stations however they still shoot up your trade ships even when friendly.

    1. Mass traffic destruction missions (Random act of distraction, Mass Chaos, Prison Break) usually offered by criminal factions. However you need to fullfill a lot of them to climb from -20 relations.

      -- solntcev

  9. Anonymous

    Faction color turns red once you hit a standing of -10 (not -5). With -9 the faction is still displayed as blue/neutral.

    1. Anonymous

      You also have docking, trade and mission access with -9 (not a lot of missions are offered, of course, but at least a few). Not sure about player faction ship behaviour towards the other faction.


      This is in a 4.3 campaign game by the way.

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