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The Teladi Outpost (TTO) is DownLoadable Content available for X Rebith via Steam. 

TTO offers unique but initially confusing gameplay relating to levels of reputation with the local 'pirates'. They're an easy-going but sociopathic bunch: appearing in photos with babies one day; stealing their prams the next. They come in two factions, Uguras Armaments (UA) and the Cartel (CAR).

The normal effects of reputation are described here; the differences in TTO are outlined on this page. Both factions are initially neutral (blue) towards <player> and seemingly disinterested in him. Their ships, Phoenix Marauders*, happily wander around Fields Of Opportunity nuking & looting passing cargo ships without a care in the world.. also without intervention from the Teladi Union, who are seemingly unwilling or unable to do anything about it.

The confusing part is that even while blue, they'll do that to <player>'s ships too if they are designated as Trade or Mine in the encyclopaedia and if they are carrying wares (including only jump fuel). Typically, any traders will return fire at that point and if the Phoenix Marauder is killed by <player>, his trader, his other ships or by NPCs <confirm NPC hit == player rep loss! - Snafu>, <player>'s rep will drop. At which point (once red) normal reputation rules apply if rep continues to drop.

Their above sociopathic tendencies pose a few 'problems' with economics in Fields Of Opportunity. The Teladi Outpost certainly presents some opportunities but the TRADE is wrapped up in a heavy blanket of THINK and FIGHT.

Maintaining, gaining or regaining reputation with Uguras Armaments and/or the Cartel is possible but it's tricky and isn't really compatible with treating Fields Of Opportunity like other systems. Without wanting to provide too many spoilers, it is worth noting that the TTO-specific mission, 'The Rising Tide' is Uguras Armament-related so it might be worth holding off from war with UA, at least initially.

The pirates will attack any trade ship they find independent of it making sense to do so. Even if you possess 30 reputation from helping them a lot they will not hesitate to take shots at one of your trade ships. Additionally they will see no trouble trying to loot a Lyramekron despite it being considerably tougher than they are. This lack of intelligence is unfortunate and more often than not will lead the player towards war.


Snafu adds:

In v4 pirates now /act/ like pirates: they go for the loot! In the TTO sectors this is particularly significant, as once a Phoenix (taking the time until it has all its drones back) has filled its cargo bays it will fly off to trade its loot (usually) elsewhere; either way, while it does this it won't be attacking <player> or any other ships! This makes TTO sectors less of a potential wipeout loss & more of a (admittedly dangerous) place to set up trade.

*Phoenix /Marauders/ are currently (v4) the /only/ FIGHT ship with a cargo bay (albeit small), and can only be gained for player use by boarding (AKA capping). If you can board 1 or 2 they make excellent traders within the TTO system.They will occasionally be Fight mission targets, or can of course be captured from UA or CAR (as long as you have blue reputation, their PMs won't attack your PMs).

My current recommendation is to set a Nav Beacon (available from Equipment Dealers) in an Empty Space sector immediately /south/ of Verdant Profit & use Transfer Wares to offload the PM's cargo to a standard freighter, as the PM being a FIGHT ship will otherwise be subject to any hostile factions (eg PMC) once through the gate into Albion. The trader, however, will be relatively safe if it only flies to the Empty Space sector for transfer, then back or on again to wherever it wants to trade. For a good profit & a guarantee of Teladi  trade/mine ship building availability load up the PM with Scanning Arrays & trickle them in to the shipyard as needed.

Phoenix is a confusing ship classification. The ones built by the Teladi shipyards do not have the cargo space (but do have higher other specs), but a capped PM or self-built plain P both show up as 'Phoenix' when player-owned. In addition, the game itself is inconsistent in its naming: in some areas (menus etc) the ship name may be 'Marauder Phoenix; in others it will be 'Phoenix Marauder' (sad)




  1. Anonymous

    Does allying (very good rep) UA, CAR or completing 'The Rising Tide' affect their pirating practices against your trade ships? One would hope that pirates would treat your trade ships as an exception if you have made yourself well known and a close friend of theirs. On the other hand the AI might be very simplistic and always try to pirate you even if you are best mates.

    Do they attack Lyramekron trade ships? I can understand them being driven by greed but unless multiple PMs attack I think the only ship that will be looted is the PM. Once again it could be that it is just a very simplistic AI and they do not even factor in target strength when choosing to pirate.

    Would be a shame if none of that applied. I understand mods probably can fix that if it is the case but it still would be lost opportunity for the developers to make the game slightly deeper.


    1. Pirate ships attack any ship with "trade" purpose ignoring relations and ship cargo/weapons.

      -- solntcev

  2. Non-FIGHT ships will always be preyed upon by CAR/UA ships (ie not just TRADE, but  MINE  too.. this is currently WAD