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Short Name: TER

Founded by Kyle Brennan and Elena Kho, Terracorp has become one of the most influential and diverse organisations in Argon space. Though they specialised in private security and consultancy for many years before the Jump Gate shutdown, the corporation also developed a vast economic knowledge and even built its own fleet. This put Terracorp in the ideal position to help the system of Home of Light survive the Dark that followed the shutdown, and under the leadership of CEO Dal Nirin, Terracorp remains as influential and powerful as it ever was.

Terracorp Hazardous Materials Licence5250000
Terracorp Intel Agent ID250
Terracorp Intoxicants Licence101850000
Terracorp Defence Membership203000000
Terracorp Pharmaceuticals Licence101450000
Terracorp Police Licence1090000
Terracorp Protected Species Licence5175000