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The Teladi Outpost (abbreviated "TTO") is the first Downloadable Content (DLC) for X Rebirth. It was first announced on the 26th September 2014 and was officially released together with X Rebirth Update 3.0 on the 11th December 2014.[1]



The Teladi Outpost establishes a connection to the Teladi system Fields of Opportunity, which lost its connection to the Teladi Company in the past. The system is divided into two sectors with different zones. Unlike in any of the other systems from the base game, Albion, Devries, Omicron Lyrae, the zones in Fields of Opportunity are not connected by Local Highways. A powerful engine and the usage of the Turbo Boost are therefore even more important, when travelling through this system.


Located within Fields of Opportunity is a huge Teladi habitat station called "Overwatch“. This station is home to many of the Teladi inhabitants of this system and provides the headquarters for the Teladi Union. It contains a shipyard to build Teladi ships and even produces many wares needed by other stations in this system.


TTO also features a whole set of new Teladi ships.   


Game integration

The content from the TTO DLC is available in every gamestart, newly started as well as existing ones, as long as the DLC is installed and activated in the game. You can check that by opening the extensions menu in the game.

The dedicated "The Teladi Outpost“ gamestart lets you start directly in the new system. Within all other gamestarts you will have to find the access point to the new system on your own. Alternatively you can click on the Spoiler link below.


There are two gates leading to the new system Fields of Opportunity. The first one can be found in Albion / Far Out / Exhaustless Mines. The second in Omicron Lyrae / Eclipse Clouds / Drippy Ascent. 



Pre-Release and Development

The Teladi Outpost DLC was first announced on the 26th September 2014 for a release in December 2014 together with the free X Rebirth Update 3.0. For a limited time, until the 1st November 2014, the DLC could be ordered for free by any X Rebirth owner. This date was later extended, first to the release date on the 11th December 2014, then a second time to the 15th December 2014.[2][3]  



The Teladi Outpost DLC was released on the 11th December 2014 on Steam. Owners of X Rebirth could get it for free until the 15th December 2014. From then on it would cost 9.99 €.

Additionally, the DLC was included in a special limited offer of the X Rebirth Collector's Edition from the Egosoft Shop for the price of 39.99 €. Including the base game X Rebirth, the TTO DLC, several goodies from the X Rebirth Collector's Edition as well as a printed version of the first X novel Farnham's Legend by Helge T. Kautz.

In Germany, a retail bundle, named X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost was released by Deep Silver for the price of 39.99 €. It contains the base game X Rebirth and the TTO DLC.


Since the release of the second DLC Home of Light in February 2015, the TTO DLC can be purchased from GOG as part of different bundles too.

DLC purchase locations

The Teladi Outpost is available for sale from different locations:

You will need the base game, X Rebirth, on Steam to be able to play this.
2 You will need the base game, X Rebirth, on GOG to be able to play this.
3 The package and manual are in German. However, when installing the game through Steam any of the other available languages can be selected. There's no difference to an international version of X Rebirth then.


The Teladi Outpost


NameThe Teladi Outpost (TTO)
Content TypeExpansion, Downloadable Content (DLC)
Release date11th December 2014 (Steam / Retail)
25th February 2015 (GOG)
Price9.99 €
RequirementsNeeds the base game X Rebirth;
Shares the same system requirements 
Savegame compatibleYes


A soundtrack called X Rebirth: Teladi Outpost was released in February 2016.[4] It features five music tracks, two spoken encyclopedia articles explaining important locations of the DLC and three Teladi voice recordings from the game illustrating the nature of the Teladi.  

Track list

Track number





1The Teladi Outpost ThemeAlexei Zakharov02:43Music track
2A Friendly Teladi-00:06Voice recording
3History of the Teladi War Memorial-01:03Encyclopedia article
4History of the Teladi Overwatch Station-00:52Encyclopedia article
5Fusion PowerAlexei Zakharov02:19Music track
6Into the BlackAlexei Zakharov02:19Music track
7Molecular CloudAlexei Zakharov02:19Music track
8Dying Hurts Your Profitsss-00:09Voice recording
9A Deal for Silence-00:08Voice recording
10Frost LineAlexei Zakharov02:19Music track

Soundtrack purchase locations

X Rebirth: Teladi Outpost is available for sale from different locations. These include but are not limited to:

  • amazon:
  • itunes:
    • itunes (US) for a price of $8.99

    • itunes (GB) for a price of £6.99

    • itunes (DE) for a price of €7.99


Please note: Prices may vary depending on your territory.  


X Rebirth: Teladi Outpost


NameX Rebirth: Teladi Outpost
Content typeSoundtrack
Release date25th February 2015
Pricevarying on platform and territory;
between £6.99 and £7.99; €7.99 and €8.99; $8.99
Amount of tracks10 
Total duration14:17


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3.^ X Rebirth 3.0 and The Teladi Outpost are here! - posted by Egosoft on the 11th December 2014 in the Steam forums mentions the the 15th December as the deadline to get the DLC for free.
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