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These are unobtrusive missions that the game generates to help guide us, should we wish, to having stations and ships that have the compliment of NPC staff and drones. There are no rewards other than the improved efficiency of the asset in question

Possible upkeep missions: Capital ships*

IconAcquireNumberDrone nameShipsNotes
Engineer1n/aallNPC info

Defence Officer

Architect 1n/aConstruction Vessel
Cargo Drones5CargolifterTrade/MineDrone info

Mining Drones*5Surface Miner URVBulk cargo Miner
5Scoop Collector URVLiquid cargo Miner
Construction Drones5Construction URVConstruction Vessel

* Medium Mine ships also require Mining Drones (up to 3 can be carried) but Upkeep Missions are not generated for those. 

Possible upkeep missions: Stations

IconAcquire/ExtendNumberDrone nameStationsNotes


Manager1n/aallNPC info

Defence Officer

Transfer funds on NPC account
Cargo Drones5CargolifterAllDrone info
Extend: Modulevariablen/aAllIncreases production rate
or ware types being produced  
Extend: Radar1n/aAllAllows station to trade system-wide
Extend: Defencevariablen/aAllAdds Targon Tracer pplatforms
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