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Individual ware pages will be created and updated automatically. If you will write something on individual ware pages, your changes may be overwritten.


See Inventory Items page for Skunk carried items

The space-based economy in X Rebirth is built around the manufacture and sale of ware, and their amalgamation with each other to create new wares of higher quality. Wares fall into two broad varieties, which are whether they are harvested in space or manufactured on stations. Although there are some rare mining stations that sell some of the harvestable wares (spoiler link).

Irrespective of whether they are harvested or manufactured, all wares are categorised into one of four types depending on how they are packaged and transported.

Ware TypeDescriptionExamples
BulkHarvested minerals and lower-quality goodsSilicon and Ice
LiquidHarvested fluids and purified waterPlasma
EnergyDiffuse things packaged into cellsEnergy and Plasma Cells
ContainerMany intermediate and higher-grade goods

Ship construction components
Station construction components 

Similarly, Trade and Mine ships are then categorised which ware type, or combinations thereof, they are capable of transporting.


  1. I've no problem with the 2 pages being merged other than the list of (cap)ship wares needs to be separated from the list of Skunk (personal) wares for clarity; combining the two lists would be unmanageable ATM IMO unless there's some sort of automated process..

    Plus I was going to add " the penalty is complete loss of (illegal) cargo if OOZ or attacks on <ship> if IZ" to the ship trading section; where shall I put it now?

    1. I would like to keep 2 wares pages separate: inventory and container wares are separate in gameplay.

      -- solntcev

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