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Skunk Gun stats

Slot 1
Mining Laser Mk123,000550 -1,8003,6008 0    100 mining multiplier.
Low dmg to <target>; recommended for lockbox opening. Extremely low heat buildup
Mining Laser Mk2210,000700 -1,8003,6008 0    
Heavy Laser Mk11700,00010,000 -1,5005,000421,2502,50017503,000

7x mining multiplier. 1000 hull damage.
+20% heat instantly applied per key/button press (keep button held down for best efficiency)

Railgun Mk122,147,48318,00018,00018,00010,000  5002,500 5002,5002000 hull damage.
High heat buildup.
Slot 2
Pulsed Maser Mk165,0003,60045032,3803,4000.70.15240 21,2506,250Low heat buildup & low cooldown
Pulsed Maser Mk2340,0004,50045082,5203,6000.70.15192 21,2506,250 
Pulsed Maser Mk3640,00010,0503,35033,0001,5002.00.05180    Bullets stick to target and damage for 10s each.
Slow start but low heat built-up and high DPS in the end.
Slot 3
Particle Repeater Mk1190,0008,400140601,3202,2000.60.25072 22,5002,500Fast fire rate, heat buildup & shot speed; fast cooldown
Particle Repeater Mk2710,0009,600160601,4402,4000.60.25072 22,5002,500 
Particle Repeater Mk31,030,00011,250225501,8002,8000.80.27586 22,5002,500Rare, repeatedly craftable and improved over Mk2.
Slot 4
Plasma Cannon Mk192,0005,6004,0001.42,8801,8001.60.051,592 21,6754,975Slow fire rate & shot speed, but heavy damage if it hits
Plasma Cannon Mk2460,0006,4004,0001.63,0401,9001.60.051,392 21,6754,975 
Plasma Cannon Mk321,111,111-160,000-4,0001,0004 2,90050021,0002,000

4s charge for max damage.
Area damage is intended but not implemented yet.
3x mining multiplier.

Slot 5
Inertial Hammer Mk1150,0007,200
3,60021,5603,9000.40.75118 21,6754,975

12 pellets/shot (adjustable with weapon mods).
Pellet have 30% ricochet value --> damage to primary or friendly targets!
Shots penetrate hulls (useful if killing trapped fighters).
Medium heat & cooldown, high dmg with ricochets on 1o target.
*Average damage over time, assuming ricochets hit.


Inertial Hammer Mk2570,0008,400
4,20021,5603,9000.40.75118 21,6754,975

Table legend

  1. The Teladi Outpost content
  2. Home of Light content

Every weapon has base 10000 heat capacity. Heat applied by each fired bullet (pellet for shotgun).

Gun stats are affected by difficulty level. Weapon stats can be altered by installing Weapon modifications.


V Crushers 1D16162.516000 12803754Skunk launches 2 rockets at once
Meteorites 1D45321.5115000 12801756Skunk launches 2 rockets at once
StarflashesG20980.819000 12877527012 
SunstalkersG47680.6118000 12855018018 
HellbustersG103540.4136000 1283259030 
AstrobeesG159640.386000 12835035018Each warhead can track <target> independently;  when multiple targets are available, some warheads may select a different target.
TristarsG311850.2336000 12821021036Each warhead can track <target> independently; when multiple targets are available, some warheads may select a different target.
NovadroneR166750.2180000 25610005060Missile is guided by ROV interface.
Constrictor 2D125000.25112500  3259060Disable capital ship engine + booster on hit.*
Kyon Torpedo 3R1603400.2 8000020000025620005060Craftable missile guided by ROV interface that does very high shield damage.

Table legend

  1. Ship launches 2 missiles in salvo
  2. The Teladi Outpost content
  3. Home of Light content

Blast radius - damage falls off lineary to 0 from explosion center.
Missile types: D - Dumbfire, G - Selfguided, R - Remote controlled.
All guided missiles have the attribute "retarget": if the current target is destroyed, the missile will start tracking nearest enemy.


Missiles in flight can be destroyed (but not targeted) by other weapons. Some fighters may damage themself by launching a missile and immediately detonating it by their own or incoming weapon fire; similarly Skunk missiles may detonate near Skunk (damaging it) if launched while under enemy fire. Interesting thing is that missiles can't damage asteroids or cargo containers (not crates!); however they may destroy the locks on lockboxes, leaving their contents (crates) vulnerable to further missile or other AoE fire [unsure about booby-trapped lockboxes - needs checking - Snafu]

Note that even guided missiles will often miss their target repeatedly when fired against a skilled pilot, due to extreme fighter manoeuvrability and the pilot's ability to boost.


*Constrictor missiles are interesting. They will disable an engine cluster (/not/ all engines in the case of (eg) OL ships) disabling boost for a period of time if they hit, with a visual & audio cue. They will immediately stop a boosting engine cluster (unsure about the whole lot) from boosting if already in boost. This needs testing further to discover limits & timing - Snafu

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