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  • Documented changes (official notes from Egosoft) are listed first.
  • Undocumented changes* are listed below the official notes.

*Based on player notes; may be inaccurate.

Documented changes (official notes from Egosoft):

Version 4.00 RC3 (208311) 2016-02-25

New Feature: Bulletin board system to keep track of offered missions.
New Feature: Beta 3 Major overhaul of external view (enabled menus, target elements, external view in highways, and more). Feedback welcome.
New Feature: Beta 4 Economy logging and statistics (feature now fully functional).
New Feature: Beta 4 Time acceleration using SETA (feature now fully functional, any SETA obtained before this release will be removed on loading).
New Feature: Beta 3 New mission to obtain player ship jump drive (feature now available).
New Feature: Beta 3 New missions to hack stations and obtain rare or valuable items.
New Feature: Beta 3 You can now find and craft rare weapon modifications that increase your weapon's stats when installed.
New Feature: Flight School tutorial.
• Added 'Fly to position' order selecting a position via map click (Replaces 'Fly to Zone' order).
Beta 3 Added ability to access various features (event monitor/info point interaction, comms, mission/trade offers, etc.) while remote controlling drones.
Beta 3 Added event monitor and ability to open menus while remote controlling a torpedo (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 3 Added ability to claim ownerless capital ships by placing NPC on platform.
Beta 3 Added current target as default destination for autopilot hotkey (Shift+A), uses mission objective as before if no target set.
Beta 3 Added new Nyanae ships to Omicron Lyrae, replacing the Gigurum ships there.
• Added heat damage from engine jets.
Beta 3 Added new "very hard" difficulty level.
Beta 4 Added navigation skill influence on effectiveness of AI pilots.
Beta 4 Added efficiency influence on cooling rate so that some weapons (e.g. Pulsed Maser) don't stop building up heat when damaged.
Beta 4 Added mouse look for camera rotation in all external views and in the cockpit (default is middle mouse button).
Beta 4 Added new M-sized traders to Republic of Cantera faction.
Beta 4 Added notification if a player squad drone was lost or killed.
Beta 4 Added missing ion and plasma resource fields to Maelstrom.
Beta 4 Added weapon modifications as possible but rare mission rewards (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 4 Added BBS functionality to more missions (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 4 Added voice recordings (in English, German and French) for texts that are new in 4.0.
Beta 5 Added new options to legacy main menu (for new features introduced in 4.00).
Beta 5 Added NPC population to player owned stations.
Beta 5 Added indication of unread entries to encyclopedia.
Beta 5 Added mouse-over tooltips for various conversation options.
Beta 5 Added option to switch mouse look button to be a toggle rather than having to hold it down (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 5 Added status report notifications during boarding.
Beta 5 Added new variation to mission where player must clear an area of explosives.
Beta 5 Added jump drive and fuel storage to Xenon I.
Beta 5 Added in-game links to tutorial videos.
Beta 6 Added axis labels to holomap.
Beta 6 Added NPC flee and retreat maneuvers based on skills.
Beta 6 Added drones launching from stations depending on Defence Officer skills.
Beta 6 Added revealing of NPC skills when they are hired.
Beta 6 Added new achievements (currently all named "Coming Soon", to be updated later).
Beta 6 Added money statistics for employees (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
RC1 Added autosave once per hour if no docking autosave takes place in that time.
RC2 Added several new in-game tutorials.
Beta 6 [HoL] Added new Generic Mission 'Scan Anomaly'.
Beta 6 [HoL] Added new mission chain in Toride.
• Added savegame compression.
Beta 3 Removed option to replace a working architect, which broke the both of them!
Beta 4 Removed legacy shaders.
Beta 7 Removed restriction on number of entries in station shopping lists.
RC1 Removed CVs from ship list in trade deals menu (new feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 5 Replaced "Broadcast" order with orders for multiple selected ships in the Property Owned menu.
• Improved small ship AI to use boost in combat situations based on pilot skills.
• Improved behaviour when following mission target using autopilot.
• Improved HUD toggle now toggles more elements and works in more cases. Feedback welcome.
Beta 3 Improved speed of medium sized ships.
Beta 5 Improved gate transitions for capital ships, with better entry positions and a queue system.
Beta 5 Improved missiles cycling, skipping missiles for which you currently have no ammunition.
Beta 5 Improved event monitor display when picking up multiple containers in space at the same time.
Beta 5 Improved SETA, no longer stops when steering and stops less often in highways (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 5 Improved balancing of NPC ship group sizes in Hard and Very Hard difficulty.
Beta 5 Improved max skill engineers so they can now repair hull up to 100%.
Beta 5 Improved balancing of weapon mod statistics (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 5 Improved weapon mod UI (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 6 Improved visualization of jumpgate directions.
Beta 6 Improved quality of local lights.
• Improved mouse accuracy in menus.
• Improved station manager logic to better coordinate multiple owned ships.
• Improved FXAA colour-correction.
Beta 3 Improved highway entry/exit sounds.
Beta 3 Improved crash reports to indicate whether game has been modified.
Beta 3 Improved balancing of ship prices (increased price of container transporters by 50%, reduced other medium sized ships by 25%).
Beta 3 Improved NPC behaviour when flying through Jump Gates to clear the area.
Beta 3 Improved accuracy of combat damage calculations when player is not present.
Beta 4 Improved balance of pirate wings for easy and normal difficulty.
Beta 4 Improved auto-aim behaviour when not firing at cursor.
Beta 4 Improved docking behaviour of ships.
Beta 4 Improved guided missiles flight behaviour.
Beta 4 Improved target selection using gamepad controls.
Beta 4 Improved text quality for smaller fonts in some rare cases.
Beta 4 Improved readability of target element texts.
Beta 4 Improved event monitor to show information about environment object in drone mode (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 4 Improved cargo capacity of Nyanae traders in Omicron Lyrae slightly (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 4 Improved behaviour of ships trading with warehouse stations.
Beta 7 Improved station drone launching.
Beta 7 Improved mission reward balancing.
Beta 7 Improved AI pathing.
RC1 Improved crafting of weapon mods (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
RC1 Improved mission bar positioning and appearance.
RC1 Improved holomap presentation.
RC1 Improved balancing of rewards for new Clear Explosives mission variant (improves feature introduced in 4.00).
RC1 Improved balancing, timing and behaviour of Pirate ship groups.
RC1 Improved shielding of drone launch pad for Balor.
RC2 Improved visibility of target arrows in external view on bright backgrounds. (new feature in 4.00)
RC2 Improved radar range of all CVs from 12km to 32km.
RC2 Improved mission guidance.
Beta 7 [HoL] Improved Toride mission chain.
RC1 [HoL] Improved balancing of number of water traders in Home of Light, Cold Star and Toride.
• Changed default setting for menu display from "Side Console"-mode to "HUD"-mode.
• Fixed trade ships assigned to stations not respecting their new commander's subordinate range.
• Fixed being able to issue multiple transfer orders for the same wares when using ware exchange with a station.
• Fixed another scenario that could lead to incorrect amounts of unavailable units.
• Fixed incorrect quantity of bought fuel cells on 'Refuel' order if the ship had already some fuel.
• Fixed several bugs with Marauder Pirates not being able to steal dropped containers from their targets.
• Fixed several cases resulting in ships getting stuck when following other ships out-of-sector.
• Fixed missing command info for mining drones and for transport drones picking up ware containers.
• Fixed stations complaining when player destroys an ownerless ship.
• Fixed broken game controls after interacting with a trade offer while controlling a drone.
• Fixed aim-at-indicator being displayed incorrectly when remote controlling a drone.
• Fixed rare cases where objects showed incorrect outlines.
• Fixed encyclopedia display of maximum speed for capital ships.
Beta 3 Fixed player ship sometimes jumping positions when changing zones while flying on autopilot.
Beta 3 Fixed engine ambient sound volume and pitch not working correctly during autopilot.
Beta 3 Fixed autopilot stopping when following a ship that changes zones.
Beta 3 Fixed autopilot continuing when entering a remote-controlled drone.
Beta 3 Fixed remote controlled missiles not moving while entry animation is running.
Beta 3 Fixed AI roll rotation in several flight behaviours.
Beta 3 Fixed small AI ships ramming into the player when boosting in some combat situations (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed event monitor hints overlapping the "Press F" text on the HUD eventmonitor.
Beta 3 Fixed capital ships boosting backwards or sideways.
Beta 3 Fixed broken aim indicator when controlling a drone.
Beta 3 Fixed station owned in Empire Builder not being able to replace Construction Vessel.
Beta 3 Fixed plot Construction Vessels being boardable.
Beta 3 Fixed station managers losing their account when involved in ware exchange trades.
Beta 3 Fixed ships on autopilot sometimes not accelerating to full speed (e.g. when player ship leaves a highway).
Beta 3 Fixed player ship getting stuck at the exit of a highway if a menu is open.
Beta 3 Fixed Xenon fighters being capturable.
Beta 3 Fixed being able to shoot dumbfire missiles backwards in external view.
Beta 4 Fixed broken jumpdrive not allowing refuel order to be given (still not allowed if jumping required to refuel).
Beta 4 Fixed garbled text on target elements in Russian localisation.
Beta 4 Fixed accumulating highway ad signs.
Beta 4 Fixed calculation error with recommended budget resulting in value sometimes being too high.
Beta 4 Fixed incorrect flight orientation on AI drones and Xenon fighters.
Beta 4 Fixed wrong rotation on the mining movement of medium miners.
Beta 4 Fixed player ship auto-roll when menus are open and the auto-roll option is off.
Beta 4 Fixed capital ships flying too slowly or getting stuck when avoiding other ships.
Beta 4 Fixed certain ships not being able to pick up collectables.
Beta 4 Fixed Active Missions menu getting stuck during tutorial.
Beta 4 Fixed dark or black loading screen when pressing ESC quickly after starting a new game.
Beta 4 Fixed player being able to click on invisible UI elements, such as while HUD not displayed.
Beta 4 Fixed several missions not cleaning up properly.
Beta 4 Fixed traders having too much scrap metal.
Beta 4 Fixed hack panel missions telling the player to return to ship when docked.
Beta 4 Fixed case where jump drive mission would not show mission objective to jump to a jump beacon (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 4 Fixed case where jump drive mission would not end because an objective got stuck (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 4 Fixed problems with the player auto pilot going through jump gates.
Beta 4 Fixed tumbling highway ships when the player exits highway.
Beta 4 Fixed production resource consumption not being calculated correctly in rare cases.
Beta 4 Fixed double "Cr" in logbook messages for money transfer for Fuel Cells.
• Fixed area damage increasing with lower framerates.
• Fixed issue where a 'static' effect remained over the event monitor during the plot.
• Fixed Particle Repeater weapons building up heat slower at higher framerates.
• Fixed player ship not being able to enter highways with an open menu.
• Fixed rare case of missing highway/gate/ship group target elements after starting/loading a game.
• Fixed rare case of non-working input controls after starting/loading a game.
• Fixed interact menu not always being on top of other target elements when using mouse/gamepad controls.
• Fixed current target not always on top of all other target elements.
• Fixed target elements not always on top of other target elements which are further away.
• Fixed rare cases of clicking on a target element actually targeting another object.
• Fixed target elements jumping when interacting with it while controlling a drone.
• Fixed rare cases of crosshair showing weird animations.
• Fixed rare cases of UI issues when switching to/from external and/or drone view.
• Fixed cases where weapon panels showed startup animation in cases other than entering the ship.
• Fixed various trade price discrepancies in menus due to incorrect rounding.
• Enabled radar while remote controlling drones.
• Fixed target elements being visible through the player ship and player drone in external view (new feature in 4.00).
• Fixed aim-at-indicator being displayed in external target view mode (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed missing target elements when switching from target view to external view (new feature in 4.00).
• Fixed heat damage from engines applying to the ship the engines belong to (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed heat damage from engines still being applied when engine is wrecked (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed heat damage from engines not being applied after ship changes zone (new feature in 4.00).
• Fixed incorrect truncation when displaying money in menus (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed case incorrectly allowing player to target objects in external target view (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed black cockpit monitors when undocking from a station/ship while in external view (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed bad flight paths that sometimes could occur when NPCs navigate through areas with dangerous regions (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed occasional graphical flash on entering a highway (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 3 Fixed clothing on some character appearring black (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 4 Fixed game over not showing player ship explosion sound or visual effects.
Beta 4 Fixed game starting in non-default full-screen resolution when running it for the first time.
Beta 4 Fixed voice samples for several encyclopedia entries in German localisation.
Beta 5 Fixed excessive marine loss when attack strength slightly higher than defence strength.
Beta 5 Fixed Transfer Wares order not working between small/medium ships and Construction Vessels.
Beta 5 Fixed very rare cases where target elements were missing or being displayed when they shouldn't be.
Beta 5 Fixed missing drone docks on warehouse stations (new feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 5 Fixed inconsistent checkbox state on certain menus (new feature introduced in 4.00).
Beta 5 Fixed double sound effects in certain menus.
Beta 5 Fixed ship capture chance ignoring hull state.
Beta 5 Fixed various issues with economy statistics (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 6 Fixed several cases of small ships stuck and not following other ships into Highways.
Beta 6 Fixed line selection in sector map with many zones.
Beta 6 Fixed hitting a destroyed lock on a lockbox blowing up the lockbox.
Beta 6 Fixed some cases of drones flying far away before docking on their launchpads.
Beta 6 Fixed loading of buy/sell configuration for trade wares from savegame.
Beta 6 Fixed case of production not progressing to next possible item if current item is blocked.
Beta 6 Fixed drone resource cost (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 6 Fixed upgrade resource calculation (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 6 Fixed multi-sell on small ship trade (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 6 Fixed Weaponsmith achievement (new feature in 4.00).
Beta 6 Fixed partial wrecking of certain ships.
Beta 6 Fixed blending at screen edges with FXAA.
Beta 7 Fixed cases of ships fleeing while docking or executing trades.
Beta 7 Fixed target loss and failure to target in certain cases.
Beta 7 Fixed ships being able to rotate with all engines destroyed.
Beta 7 Fixed incorrect mass-traffic for Xenon station.
Beta 7 Fixed stuck ships at highway entrances.
Beta 7 Fixed problems with station supply delivery.
Beta 7 Fixed stations warning the player when attacking ownerless ships.
Beta 7 Fixed several cases of small and capital escort ships not shooting or being stuck.
Beta 7 Fixed several cases of capital ships not boosting flying between zones.
Beta 7 Fixed capital navigation issues due to bad alignment to the boosting orientation.
Beta 7 Fixed cases where ships cross jump gates and only use them after turning back.
Beta 7 Fixed some cases of capital ships not defending themselves when being attacked.
Beta 7 Fixed some cases of mining ships not collecting tagged asteroids on Mining mode.
Beta 7 Fixed hacked ships still being able to use their jump drive.
Beta 7 Fixed several cases of ships being invisible, or appearing and disappearing (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 7 Fixed issue with activating auto pilot from a menu while near a large object.
Beta 7 Fixed pre-selected line in menus not being on-screen in all situations.
Beta 7 Fixed mouse steering being active initially when starting a game in some cases.
Beta 7 Fixed text overlapping mission objective bar.
Beta 7 Fixed muffled exterior sounds after loading a savegame while on a platform without quitting to main menu.
RC1 Fixed some zones not being visible from inside nearby highway.
RC1 Fixed visibility range of huge asteroid in Verdant Profit.
RC1 Fixed external camera view on mass traffic ships aborting when zooming out too far.
RC1 Fixed external target view being zoomed out far too much on some ships.
RC1 Fixed cockpit camera movement not working directly after loading a savegame.
RC1 Fixed missing icon for selected mass traffic ship in external target view in some situations (problem introduced in 4.00).
RC1 Fixed obstructed target elements when docked at Teladi capital ships.
RC1 Fixed several issues with mission guidance involving highways.
RC1 Fixed stations not always being connected to each other with mass traffic if there is more than one highway nearby.
RC1 Fixed case where having the auto pilot follow a jumping capital ship could make the player end up in an invalid position.
RC1 Fixed engines on small ship wrecks sometimes appearing not to be wrecked even though they are wrecked and do not function.
RC1 Fixed relative movement when entering the Skunk's back room.
RC1 Fixed trading menus not remembering previous sort settings (problem introduced in 4.00).
RC1 Fixed equip drone/missile trades not updating when scheduled.
RC1 Fixed rounding issue in trade price display.
RC1 Fixed escape pods immediately self-destructing (problem introduced in 4.00).
RC1 Fixed ships assigned to a commander not working after receiving a new Captain.
RC1 Fixed lockboxes dropping useless Boarding Experience seminars (problem introduced in 4.00).
RC1 Fixed upkeep missions to transfer credits not completing if the wanted amount was reduced.
RC1 Fixed Game Paused message text not being centered.
RC1 Fixed throttle feedback sound being played when pressing "full stop" key while in a menu.
RC1 Fixed menu crash when viewing certain modules of R&D Chem Labs in the Encyclopedia.
RC1 Fixed huge savegames caused by economy statistics data (problem introduced in 4.00).
RC2 Fixed external view camera getting too close to the player ship (problem introduced in 4.00).
RC2 Fixed incorrect throttle setting when returning from the Skunk's back room while being dragged along by a capital ship.
RC2 Fixed trade ships remaining passive when new planned trips are added while undocking after last planned trip.
RC2 Fixed capital ships losing combat drones that tried to follow enemies into highways.
RC2 Fixed erratic autopilot movement when flying near station's surface elements.
RC2 Fixed inventory ware entries not being marked as read in the encyclopedia (new feature in 4.00).
RC2 Fixed 'Withdraw from Battle' order not properly working in some situations.
RC2 Fixed several cases of lost combat drones launched from capital ships.
RC2 Fixed player owned escort capital ships having wrong behaviour when their commander's captain is replaced.
RC2 Fixed rare cases of ships teleporting after giving new fly orders if they were moving previously.
RC2 Fixed some cases of area damage not working correctly.
RC2 Fixed follow behavior for squad ships, where occasionally bumped the Skunk.
RC2 Fixed Minimum Recommended Budget for drones/missiles sometimes not updating correctly (problem introduced in 4.00).
RC2 Fixed builder ships not being able to receive wares from stations in high attention.
RC2 Fixed transport drones taking too much time to reach their destination.
RC2 Fixed rare cases of incorrectly positioned elements in menus.
RC2 Fixed cases where no mission target was displayed.
RC2 Fixed crosshair not showing mission target arrow.
RC2 Fixed targeting issues in gamepad mode.
RC2 Fixed several issues with event monitor during campaign.
RC2 Fixed too frequent "Incoming missile" warnings.
RC2 Fixed various cases of ships and other objects that moved too far away from any known zones.
RC2 Fixed issues with certain savegames taking an excessively long time to load.
RC3 Fixed collision avoidance being active when controlling a torpedo.
RC3 Fixed ships becoming invisible, especially during escort missions.
RC3 Fixed autoaim being very inaccurate for weapons with a weapon mod (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed repair drones getting damaged by their owner's engines (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed boarded capital ship escorts continuing to escort after boarding.
RC3 Fixed pirate station being selected for hacking mission in plot (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed tutorials placing objects in highways (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed "collectables" tutorial sometimes getting stuck (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed flight school not aborting when another tutorial starts (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed object menu layout with NPC subordinate ships.
RC3 Fixed build upgrade selection not preselecting lines correctly (problem introduced in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed buttons in upkeep section of mission manager menu (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed trade transactions with outdated amounts (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed price and profit calculation in trade deal case (new feature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed green trade deals menu (new feaature in 4.00).
RC3 Fixed missing text for Onil engine.
RC3 Fixed external camera clipping through the playership in highways (problem introduced in 4.00).
Beta 5 [TTO] Fixed playership being immovable on first game start in very rare situations.
RC1 [TTO] Fixed some navigation issues with NPC ships flying to Albion gate in Fields of Oportunity.
Beta 5 [HoL] Fixed player-owned warehouses being magically filled with certain wares and configured to trade these when a manager is assigned.
Beta 4 [HoL] Fixed capital ships attempting to trade with Home of Light CVs getting stuck.
Beta 4 [HoL] Fixed police ships in Home of Light belonging to PMC!
Beta 5 [HoL] Fixed missing tradeoffer locations on Home of Light builder ships.
Beta 6 [HoL] Fixed missing dock for m-sized ships on TerraCorp HQ (completes fix not correctly applied in 4.0 Beta 5).
Beta 7 [HoL] Fixed new HoL weapons not being taken into account for Pimp My Ride achievement.
RC2 [HoL] Fixed transitions from local highways into superhighways in Home of Light.
RC3 [HoL] Fixed Terracorp not having licence traders.
RC3 [HoL] Fixed various issues with Ship in Distress and Xenon Incursion missions.
Beta 7 [OSX] Fixed ship repairs not working.
• Fixed game freezing when quitting the game with Alt+F4 while in loading screen.
• Fixed startup issues with corrupted or incorrect DLLs in Windows system directory.
• Fixed several small memory leaks.
RC2 Several more small performance and memory optimisations.
RC3 Fixed more causes of crashes.

Known Issues

The following issues in this version are known and may be fixed in a forthcoming update. 

  • Using Alt-Tab during fullscreen video playback will cause video/sound to get out of sync (workaround: press Esc to skip video).
  •  The K (and possibly I) FIGHT ship can be boarded very easily and captured (either they were meant to not be board-able or very difficult to do so).


Undocumented changes (player notes; may be inaccurate; tending to be minor background things):

• Beta 2 Added mission availability to Crystal Castle and Badlands Colony via the Bulletin Board.
• Beta 2 Changed the speed of several L and XL ships (less so than M ships). 
• Beta 2 Changed the name for a Manager's range setting to "Trading Operational Range" for clarity.
• Beta 2 Improved formatting of thousands along the lines of
jth's recent mod
• Beta 2 Improved organisation of Settings section of the main Options Menu (small but handy to know).
• Beta 2 Fixed missing shield generator coverage over Vulture Jump Tunnel Devices.
• Beta 3 Fixed PLASMA/JET Turrets doing substantially increased damage (problem introduced in 4.00).
• Beta 4 Introduction of a new Trade Deals menu for finding the best deals for a given ship.
• Beta 6 Improved trading of stations' intermediate wares .

• RC2: Added ability to claim small and medium Xenon ships.
• Stromvoks added to the list of potential ships used by hostile mission targets in DeVries.

Version 4.10 Release (232953) 2017-04-19

• RC1 Added ammunition display to detail menus of ships and stations. 
• Improved font readability in certain cases. 
• Improved crosshair visual quality. 
• Improved slider bar behaviour for large range values. 
• Improved positioning of minigame display to try to avoid obstructing other elements. 
• Improved output errors caused by mods which generate certain UI problems. 
• Improved output from errors caused by Steam configuration issues when trying to start game. 
• Improved AI fight/flee behaviour. 
• Improved squadron engagement logic. 
• Improved combat movement for capital ships with forward-mounted weapons. 
• Beta 5 Improved determination of zone in which to mine for station-based mining ships. 
• Beta 5 Improved station-based miners engaged in inter-sector mining. 
• Beta 5 Improved defence officers on capital ships now target surface elements of hostile ships. 
• RC1 Improved movement from explicit player-given movement order. 
• RC1 Improved capital ship movement in areas with many asteroids (asteroids now break when rammed by a capital ship!). 
• RC1 Improved mouse cursor hotspot in OSX/Linux version. 
• Fixed several issues with Chinese localisation. 
• Fixed scroll-bar overlapping frame background in menu in some languages. 
• Fixed sliders in some menus starting somewhere in the middle rather than at the left. 
• Fixed notoriety bar not displaying correct LED-states in certain cases. 
• Fixed several crosshair behaviour and appearance issues. 
• Fixed several other minor UI visual glitches. 
• Fixed NPC command not updating correctly in menu. 
• Fixed sound position of long range scan echoes. 
• Fixed Xenon capital ships being boardable. 
• Fixed mining laser getting weapon mods that affect cooling. 
• Fixed Withdraw From Battle not holding fire. 
• Fixed squadron escorts not moving to attack in some cases. 
• Fixed trades getting disrupted by ships fleeing. 
• Fixed escape pods not moving after being ejected. 
• Fixed capital ships sometimes getting stuck trading, especially with other ships. 
• Fixed ships and stations not becoming hostile when their trade drones are destroyed. 
• Fixed rounding issues causing engineers to sometimes not make progress when repairing hull. 
• Fixed several issues with ship pathing. 
• Fixed rare cases of untargetable icons being displayed or comm-actions being listed incorrectly in the interact menu. 
• Fixed relation mismatch between the Argon Secret Service Licence and the mission rewarding it. 
• Fixed Argon Secret Service Licence not being able to be regained when achieving the required Argon relation. 
• Fixed engagement distance tolerances for capital ships moving in combat. 
• Beta 4 Fixed plot getting stuck when trying to capture the Taranis with Borman (problem introduced in 4.10). 
• Beta 4 Fixed small lines appearing in certain font sizes (problem introduced in 4.10). 
• Beta 5 Fixed long-range scan hints appearing too often. 
• Beta 5 Fixed R&D Chem Lab stations requiring Bio-Optic Wiring during construction. 
• Beta 5 Fixed subordinates of capital ships taken from the player during the plot ending up in a broken state. 
• Beta 5 Fixed weapon mod menu being available on NPC ships. 
• Beta 5 Fixed circular command structures when assigning multiple ships a commander. 
• Beta 5 Fixed request to repair ship resulting in new drones being installed instead. 
• Beta 5 Fixed case of fleeing ships failing to do so. 
• Beta 5 Fixed capital ships without long-ranged weapons moving too close to very large targets when in combat (problem introduced in 4.10). 
• Beta 5 Fixed button to open command line blocking input the first time you do it (problem introduced in 4.10). 
• Beta 5 Fixed mass traffic clumping after loading a savegame (problem introduced in 4.10). 
• Beta 5 Fixed crash starting game on a PC with more than 8 graphics devices. 
• RC1 Fixed external view being in the wrong position when activated for the first time. 
• RC1 Fixed ships sometimes ending up in wrong positions after loading a savegame. 
• RC1 Fixed cases where player drones bounced off the ship instead of docking. 
• RC1 Fixed ship traders failing to determine the amount of ammunition currently equipped. 
• RC1 Fixed long range scanners not detecting objects in adjacent zones. 
• RC1 Fixed passengers being commable from space, allowing them to be picked up. 
• RC1 Fixed Xenon P being generated for missions more often than it should 
• RC1 Fixed ships patrolling while guarding something, occasionally getting continuously distracted. 
• RC1 Fixed construction drones flying to incorrect positions. 
• RC1 Fixed cases where ships took unnecessary detours into potentially dangerous areas, especially in Home of Light. 
• RC1 Fixed inability to move with a capital ship if a station is nearby (especially the large Split station in Maelstrom). 
• RC1 Fixed mouse input being enabled for flight or first person movement while a game overlay is active. 
• RC1 Fixed inability to leave a highway while a menu is open. 
• RC1 Fixed missing engine trails in highways (problem introduced in 4.10). 
• Fixed problems with targeting objects in various cases. 
• Fixed endless loop when loading a savegame in certain cases. 
• Fixed several small memory leaks. 
• RC2 Fixed rare case of UI lock-up (problem introduced in 4.10). 
• RC2 Fixed several causes of crashes. 
• RC3 Fixed a cause of performance drain and memory leak affecting long play sessions, particularly large battles. 
• Beta 5 Numerous small performance improvements. 


Undocumented changes (player notes; may be inaccurate):


• Beta 3 Added: Support for TrackIR and FreeTrack (link).
• Changed: 
Capital ships now use their drones in combat against other capitals.
• Improved: Changes were made to the purchase logic for Warehouses (link).
• Fix: If we are on-board a capital when we first travel into OL during the Campaign, we can now undock and continue normally (link).
• Fix: Improved TO gamestart (sometimes the Teladi police ship would take a long time to talk to the player, blocking the cut scene and the ability to control the Skunk).


Version 4.30 Release (254587) (initially called 4.21)

New Feature: All-new quick menu.
New Feature: Target locking when using gamepad.
• Added zoom buttons to map.
• Added back button to Start/Options menu and Encyclopedia to allow use with mouse only.
• Added tabs to quickly switch between Property Owned, Inventory and Weapon Mods menus.
• Added shortcut to correct inventory trader in the Remote Comm menu from the Inventory menu.
• Added flight-assist note when flight assist is disabled.
• Added pause message when options menu is displayed.
• Added chance to acquire trade agents for defeating hostile ships close to a station.
• Added option to use the entire range of a slider for forward speed.
• Beta 2 Added empty weapon slot to missile cycle.
• Beta 2] Added BBS button to new quick menu (improves feature introduced in 4.21)
• RC1 Added ability to click on certain monitors in player cockpit to open specific menus (use NumPad to look down).
• Improved AI fight/flee behaviour (again!).
• Improved price calculation logic for stations with multiple production modules.
• Improved targeting behaviour especially when using gamepad.
• Improved organisation and labelling of controls in control configuration menu.
• Improved mission bar design for better readability.
• Improved visual appearance of ability menu.
• Improved mouse picking in the ability menu so that hovering the cursor over the hotkey buttons correctly selects the button.
• Improved mission target behaviour by reducing ping-effect in scenarios where there are more than 8 mission targets.
• Improved cases where turning the ship switched displayed target elements a lot.
• Improved tutorial missions and fixed several issues with them.
• Improved highway flight by allowing roll axis to steer left/right instead of doing nothing.
• Improved replacement of architects.
• Improved mission enemy balancing.
• Improved game over animation.
• Beta 2 Improved behaviour of L and XL mining ships assigned to warehouses.
• Beta 2 Improved interaction with crates/buttons/hack panels by doubling interact distance.
• RC2 Improved preset profile for Saitek X52 to make use of changed interact menu positions.
• RC3 Improved input mapping options (NOTE: some input profiles, especially for joysticks, may need to be reset).
• Changed maximum distance of location-based icons to reduce icon clutter on station approach.
• Beta 2 Changed main menu to deactivate steering while it is open.
• RC2 Changed interact menu layout to be usable for 4-directional joystick POVs.
• RC3 Replaced gamepad controls menu with auto targeting menu..
• Fixed fighters dismissing valid targets if they are far from their commander.
• Fixed Xenon not spawning in Albion on higher difficulty levels.
• Fixed ships warping between unconnected highways.
• Fixed Plasma Cannon Mk3 not having area damage.
• Fixed NPCs on platforms engaging in smalltalk even if no smalltalk dialog option available.
• Fixed Assign Trading Ship upkeep mission for warehouses being impossible to accomplish..
• Fixed several other smaller mission issues.
• Fixed drone dealer hint text.
• Fixed successful player kill being registered if they destroyed a crate they were supposed to collect.
• Fixed event monitor opening and closing directly when switching to external view under certain circumstances.
• Fixed very rare case of broken event monitor.
• Fixed very rare cases of incorrect colors being displayed in the UI.
• Fixed rare cases of interact button (A on gamepad) stopping working.
• Fixed full stop action not aborting boost while throttle is at 0, e.g. with gamepad.
• Fixed first person rotation being much too slow in certain cases.
• Fixed very rare case resulting in an event monitor being displayed in 1st-person or inside the drone HUD when it shouldn't.
• Fixed target elements being stuck in-place with the opening interact menu.
• Fixed saving game in a damage area being a death sentence.
• Fixed reward notifications spamming with very short delay,
• Fixed cases where target elements were missing on ships.
• Fixed rare cases where the target elements or interact menu would be displayed behind the crosshair.
• Fixed rare cases of hull/shield bars being displayed for obstructed targets without a target element.
• Fixed cases where target elements appeared to flicker wildly.
• Fixed case of crosshair arrows pointing to incorrect position.
• Fixed case in which the selected menu line was not scrolled into view when pressing Up key.
• Fixed cases of Enter key having no effect.
• Fixed case of game being stuck on pause when UI is reloaded while game is paused.
• Fixed cases where the game paused text vanishes even though the game is still paused.
• Fixed cases where game unpauses automatically, e.g. Alt-Tabbing out and back.
• Fixed issue with using non-bidirectional throttle together with gamepad mode.
• Fixed missing particle effects when loading a savegame.
• Fixed missing ship trails in highways.
• Fixed disappearing engine trails for ships entering and leaving gates and highways.
• Fixed missing normal map on floor in the Teladi gamestart station.
• Beta 2 Fixed inability to change a Construction Vessel's orders before it starts moving to deploy.
• Beta 2 Fixed problem with SETA not remaining deactivated while holding down fire button.
• Beta 2 Fixed small and medium ships not considering fleeing after deciding to attack.
• Beta 2 Fixed squadron subordinates attacking non-combat ships on sight when not attacked first.
• Beta 2 Fixed Trade Deals menu breaking if a ship's queued trades are all with other ships.
• Beta 2 Fixed player getting notifications for player-owned Construction URVs and Cargolifters getting destroyed.
• Beta 2 Fixed area damage of Plasma Mk3 being overpowered when shooting without charging.
• Beta 2 Fixed damage calculations for certain weapons.
• Beta 2 Fixed empty secondary weapon monitor and missing target cursor when hovering over it when remote controlling a drone or missile (problem introduced in 4.21).
• Beta 2 Fixed issues with targeting objects in 1st-person (problem introduced in 4.21).
• Beta 2 Fixed game over not being displayed on player death (problem introduced in 4.21).
• RC1 Fixed ROVs not moving to dock.
• RC1 Fixed welding effects of build and repair drones not appearing after loading a savegame.
• RC1 Fixed warehouse trade ware prices not being locked to average price in some savegames.
• RC1 Fixed rare issues with targeting objects using the gamepad.
• RC1 Fixed lost steering input after closing a menu in certain cases.
• RC1 Fixed short freeze when trying to cycle missiles when none are present.
• RC1 Fixed AI ships not being able to fire missiles (problem introduced in 4.2x).
• RC1 Fixed non-working camera controls when going to external view from a menu (problem introduced in 4.2x).
• RC3 Fixed NPC warehouses not trading at average price (for real this time).
• RC3 Fixed moving the mouse not activating mouse mode reliably at high framerates.
• RC3 Fixed inconsistency with "target closest object" behaviour.
• Fixed causes of several rare crashes.
• Beta 1 HF1 Fixed crash starting game after Windows 10 Fall Update (Windows version only).
• RC1 Various small performance improvements.


Please be aware that this patch contains some input handling changes which might invalidate your current profile. We believe this only applies to customized joystick profiles.

We suggest you review your profile and adjust it if required. You can also load one of the default profiles and make adjustments as needed based on these.

A summary of the most notable changes:
- new interact menu positions (up, down, left, right)
- new explicit actions to execute the selected entry in the interact menu, ability menu, quick menu, and dialog menu
- new directional controls for the ability menu, quick menu, and dialog menu
- with joystick controls: changed behaviour of the interact menu state, which now closes the menu without executing the selected entry

The old gamepad mode was revised. In principle it now only controls whether auto-targeting behaviour is active or not (while before it also controlled whether menus were stick/non-sticky in joystick mode).

As a result of this change, if you relied on the non-sticky menus behaviour then you might have to change your joystick profile.

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