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A current development version that may be available for public beta testing. If available, it can generally be found here alongside important notes and caveats.

For information on reporting X Rebirth bugs or requesting technical assistance with X Rebirth, please see the page here.


  1. Anonymous

    my steam just updated my X3 rebirth Beta I was working on my 34 & 35 stations I was renaming the 8 ships I built  for them  I was just going to fly them all to refuel and a  Defense and Engineer officer

    as I went in to my map the game crashed .  so I started up the game  and first thing , I went to the map and it crashed again ..  now I am here LOL not takes  a lot of work setting it up and to have it crash not fun  if you can help  please do  Scorpion 

    1. Hi Scorpionscs,

      I read your thread on the main forum before I found your reply here (smile)

      It looks like the issue is being addressed there and that is the best place for bug reports.

      Good luck!


  2. Anonymous

    Now how do I log in to here?

    1. Login for the Wiki is not possible (atm) for users. You can access and provide contents anonymously and mark your contributions by adding ur signature.

      We are thinking about providing user login, but that's simply not possible atm unfortunately.