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The Phoenix is a Teladi destroyer introduced in XR 3.0, and it has several unique qualities: Its size and agility are more akin to an L-class ship, and it has decent frontal firepower (3 Plasma/MA and 3 Plasma/JET) coupled with incredibly weak rear defense (6 HIT/MA). The standard version of this ship is somewhat less impressive than its "Marauder" sibling, with a much-reduced speed and armament, and without the universal cargo bay. Its one saving grace is the increased hull HP, but the amount of speed it sacrifices for that makes the Condor a somewhat better choice if you are looking to buy a Teladi combat ship.

  • Total DPS: 55590
  • Hull: 900K
  • Capital Shield Class: Capital Field Generator Mk3 (x1)
  • Component Shield Class: Force Field Projector Mk3
  • Speed: 75 m/s
  • Drone Capacity: 150
  • Weapons:
    • HIT/MA Turret (Argon) x6
    • Plasma/MA Turret x3
    • Plasma/JET LR Turret x3

<Info from Simoom's guide: XR Capital Ships>

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