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Once the best Universal freighter in the game (pre-2.0), the Titurel has taken a backseat due to the introduction of the Lyranea. It is, however, still a solid performer with good cargo space and armament. Its common use by pirate raiding parties also means it is easy to acquire for early-game players who may not be able to afford purchasing a fleet of capital freighters otherwise. The Titurel is also treated as a fight capital ship by missions, often spawning them as escorts accompanying a mark.

  • Hull: 1800K
  • Capital Shield Class: Capital Field Generator Mk2 (x2)
  • Component Shield Class: Force Field Projector Mk1
  • Storage: 250K (Universal)
  • Speed: 51 m/s
  • Drone Capacity: 150
  • Weapons:
    • HIT/MA Turret (Argon) x26
    • Plasma/MA Turret (Argon) x2

<Info from Simoom's guide: XR Capital Ships>

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