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Differences in X Rebirth Virtual Reality (XRVR) compared to Classic XR

For now, this is just a series of bullets but if it grows, it could be split up by further headings and/or new child pages. 

Official list of changes from the FAQ (link)

XR VR Edition is based on Home of Light and also includes all gameplay features from The Teladi Outpost. So most features from the very latest X Rebirth should also be included in XR VR Edition. However, the game is designed to take full advantage of Virtual Reality and this means that we had to make a lot of changes also to gameplay elements. Here is a quick list of some of the more obvious differences: 
- The universe was modified. This affects the density of stations, the highways and many other things. 
- There is no external camera: XR VR Edition is always played from cockpit perspective or 1st person on platforms. 
- Platform gameplay is reduced: While you can still leave your ship and walk around stations, the need for this is much reduced. 
- New missions and tutorial 
- The X Rebirth original plot is replaces by a tutorial to learn the game and a series of missions. The later storylines from X Rebirth 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 including the addition of SETA, jumpdrive, weapon mods and much more are all included too. 

Most importantly of course the whole UI is changed. As the videos show, the game can be controlled in a very unique way with VR controllers. 


Additional universe changes

  • Some stations have moved apart for VR performance reasons, and may have moved far enough that they have entered new zones (e.g. The HOA Shipyard is in Empty Space next to Gemstone Manufacture).
    • This can mean that exploration takes longer and can require a bit more effort than just following highways.
    • It also means that it can be tricky to participate in Protect Station missions if you accept one before flying 50+ km to the station.


Additional changes to game mechanics

  • Station interiors are less accessible (more doors don't open) unless particular missions require travelling beyond shut doors.
  • Reduced station accessibility reduces the chances to interact with NPCs but this has also become less necessary:
    • Trade Agents (or cash rewards) are now occasional rewards for shooting hostile NPCs near stations.
    • Hirable NPCs will show their skills when asked. It's no longer necessary to use Small Talk rewards, or hire them, first.
  • Reduced station accessibility may relate to problematically being unable to ask hireable NPCs their locations in 4.20 HF2:
    • This applies to Engineers, so when there are few, we have to find a Workshop dock (spanner icon) to get the Skunk repaired. It is not clear if this is an intentional change or one that could be adjusted in future patches.


Additional user Interface changes

  • New buttons have been added to the Inventory menu (Sidebar, 2-1-3) for the Property Owned and Weapon Modification menus.

Other additional changes

  • When entering the cargo area of the Skunk while in space, Yisha will be there too. She can be commed and offers access to several regular menus.


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