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SHIFT + E= Nearest Enemy
SHIFT + F = Nearest Object


??? = Quick Menu (new menu in v4.30)
T= Ability menu Menu (controls drones on the Skunk)
ENTER= Main menu (opens sub-menus) Select options in menus
ESC= Opens/Closes in-game option menu (if no menu/conversation is open)
Goes one step back in menu/conversation
DEL= Closes menu/conversation totally
UP/DOWN arrows= Select row
TAB = Selects next interactive element in menu
F= Opens Interaction menu OR instantly executes instant action
. (PERIOD)= Opens sector map
, (COMMA)= Opens system map
C= Open comm menu with target
I= Opens details menu
Shift + M= Switches between the two radar modes
Shift + R= Switches the radar text overlay on/off