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NZ-Wanderer manages a fantastic, up-to-date list of many extensions, and their status, here (on Egosoft's X Rebirth - Scripts and Modding forum).

Steam-based X Rebirth

Steam Workshop mods are added to the extensions folder in the game's installation directory ( e.g. C:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\X Rebirth\extensions ).

Extensions can be subscribed to via the Steam Workshop. This offers convenience for the user in that the Steam will manage installation and updating.

gog-based X Rebirth

XRWSunpack tool for using Steam Workshop mods with gog-based X Rebith is here.

All X Rebirth users

Extensions can also be found on the Nexus website. This alternative route can take the player a little longer to use but it can offer the modder increased flexibility. 

Unless stated otherwise, manually downloaded mods will also be added to the extensions directory in your X Rebirth installation.

Save Game Editing Tricks are described here.

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