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The Skunk (Pride of Albion) is a Medium ship in X Rebirth classification. Although there are a variety of ship sizes and multiple ships per size, the player can only /pilot/ the Skunk in X Rebirth. The ability to pilot multiple different types of ships being something that players often request, and something that Egosoft would like to offer in a sequel.

Whilst the the Skunk is the only ship the player may pilot, it is upgradable in various ways:

  • Its hull is protected by shields that can be upgraded to different balances of capacity vs recharge rate.

  • Its engines can be upgraded to different balances of max speeds vs manoeuvring ability.

  • It has 5 weapon slots, with some choices within them for owners of DLCs.

  • It can hold 5 NPCs, 50 marines, 150 missiles of assorted types and 8 drones of assorted types.
  • An Engineer NPC may be employed to repair damaged equipment (NOT hull).

  • A Marine Officer NPC may be employed for capship boarding operations.

  • NPC Pilots may be utilised to claim bailed/abandoned S/M craft

Additional information can be found in the following child pages:


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