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There are currently 15 Large and Extra Large ships that are designated as "Fight". In addition, there are 2 XL "Trade" ships that blur the edges around Fight/Trade due to the way they are used by NPC pirates (Titurel) and the heavily-armed way they are outfitted (Lyramekron). 

Statistics for all of them can be found in the table below (based on ship data linked from here).

Ship stats for 2 XL "Trade" ships and 15 L and XL "Fight" ships (click on heading to sort)

(M Cr)


HP/k Cr
Shield /
Total HP
/ M Cr
k DPS2
(>4 km)
Heavy SulL20.4761502.200.302.5012212%39.91.9514.7-24129
Light SulL15.7921501.600.301.9012116%27.01.727.4-281512
Xenon KL32.9801502.901.804.7014338%51.41.5636.0-24127
Gangrene ChaserXL53.07004.301.806.1011530%92.41.7492.4-22104
Phoenix Marauder11XL74.5951500.800.901.702353%80.71.0872.3-251510
Xenon IXL194.864022.804.5027.3014016%314.61.61239.8-2052

1. Full price estimated using encyclopaedia base prices:

  • Hull: Encyclopaedia base price (approximately equal to 2 x sum cost of all components at their base price).
  • SE (Surface Elements): Sold by shipyards at approximately 2 x base costs (1 Capital Field Generator = 3 FFPs).
  • Crew: 250 k Cr assumed cost (75k Captain; 35k Engineer; 140k DO).
  • L ship Drones: 1.2 M k Cr assumed cost (5 constructors and 10 Interceptor Mk I).
  • XL ship Drones: 2.3 M k Cr assumed cost (10 constructors and 20 Interceptor Mk I).
  • Xenon and Split weapon costs estimated from human counterparts (HIT/MA or Plasma/MA) multiplied by the ratio of their respective DPS stats.
  • Xenon I hull price estimated from the observation that hull prices increase linearly for L and XL non-Teladi Fight ships as total HP increases (R2 = 0.97).

2. DPS (>4 km): Excludes Hailstorm and HIT/MA Turrets (details).
3. Pitch presented to give a feel for manoeuvrability; stats for roll and yaw are also in-game.
4. When attacking from long range, the Balor's initial missile DPS will be 3-times higher (24k) since the first 3 volleys will detonate close together.
5. The Stromvok has an internal drone bay that can't be targeted or destroyed.
6. The Sucellus IHC can only shoot forwards due to being spinally mounted (details).
7. These are Trade-class vessels with strong combat abilities, therefore included on this table.
8. Arawn hull does not factor in tough (~1000k hull?) destructible outriggers. These can potentially absorb some of the damage aimed at the hull giving it more equivalent hull than listed.
11. The Phoenix Marauder is unique as a Combat-class vessel with an Universal cargo bay. Interplay with TTO standings and piracy.


Table changelog

20.02.2016Improved hull cost estimatesSwitched hull cost to encyclopaedia base price from 'cost of wares'
Corrected SE cost estimatesShipyards sell SEs at 2x their base cost and now this table does too
Included Xenon SE costsEstimated from regular counterpart cost multiplied by DPS ratios
Added 2nd Sucellus entry

Provides an indication of their sustained DPS when IHC is not being used

24.02.2016Fixed Sucellus IHC DPSDPS for the IHCs derived from a 3-shot burst
Removed 2nd vanilla Sucellus entryAfter fixing IHC DPS, it was apparent that it wasn't so strong to need special consideration
07.03.2016Capital missiles' DPS fixedWith thanks to w.evans for missile code-diving and brain-storming
16.03.2016Sucellus DPS stats fixed again

Following in-game testing, the IHC stats were revised upwards

03.04.2016Various small changesDrone cost assumption doubled for XL ships; changes to footnotes.
17.04.2016Added drone capacityAdded column for drone capacity. Some tidying of wording and spelling errors.
01.06.2016Improved Arawn DPS calculationsRemoved the DPS from 2 Hailstorms located inside the launch area.


General trends

Many factors will feature in the value individuals will place on different ships, such as DPS, hip points, looks, speed and fire arcs. With the notable exceptions of the Teladi Condor and Phoenix hulls (TTO DLC), hitpoint and DPS tend to increase with cost (often at the expense of manoeuvrability).

Manoeuvrability: As ship hit points (and size) increase, speed and agility tend to decrease. The Condor and Phoenix are special here - in spite of their XL-class designation, their manoeuvrability is more akin to L-class. 

HP/Credit Ratio: When the table above is sorted alphanumerically by the Total HP / Cr column, the Lyramekron stands out as having a substantially higher ratio than other ships, while the Stromvok comes in second.. The Teladi ships are once again notable for having very poor cost-to-HP ratio (probably to compensate for their high manoeuvrability).

DPS/Credit Ratio: The Fulmekron, Olmekron, and Lyramekron rank at the top of the cost-to-DPS ratio. In the L-category, the Stromvok is notable for ranking above the Suls.

Shield vs Armour: Shield strength is generally preferable over hull, since shield recharge is significantly faster than hull repair. Additionally, only hull strength seems to be factored into a ship's cost (AL ships favor shields while OL ships favor hull).

Total DPS: Ships with Area of Effect (AoE) weapons often have a deceptively low DPS value. But such weapons (such as missiles, HIVI and IHC) tend to be underrated as they can deal damage to multiple surface elements at once in addition to the hull, thereby rapidly incapacitating an enemy ship.

Ship-specific notes

The Fulmekron and Xenon I rank at the very top in terms of raw DPS. It is debatable which one deals more damage: While the Fulmekron has an edge in turret output, the Xenon I has a large number of internal missile bays (2x Novadrone, 6x Sunstalker) that are indestructible. Moreover, the Xenon I features both significantly stronger hull and shield, and should rightly be hailed as the king of capital ships.

The Arawn is unusual in that a significant portion of its firepower are allocated to Hailstorm and HIT/MA turrets (only 39% of its DPS can reach beyond 4km). This is contrary to the armament trend for XL combat ships. It does make a very effective anti-fighter platform, and in spite of its shortcomings, it still retains a 25% long-range DPS and 146% HP advantage over the Taranis, and should not be underestimated.

The Gangrene Chaser's unique armament (Ragefire turret) combines excellent projectile speed with high DPS output, which makes it adept against fighters and capitals alike.

The Sucellus is notable for being the cheapest XL-class combat ship with an excellent cost-to-HP ratio. The downside is 30% of its DPS come from the spinal-mounted IHC, which is generally inoperable below 6km due to the vanilla capital combat script preferring to manoeuver the ship for broadsides. There are mods available that improve its utilisation of the IHC.

The Balor's Nova torpedoes have a range of 50km, though in practice this is limited by the ship's 24km radar range. This is still significantly longer any other weapon range in the game (typically <8km). Unfortunately it suffers from the same issue as the Sucellus due to the vanilla capital combat script, and tends to fly straight into a fight rather than stay at range. There are mods available that improve its utilisation of the torpedoes.

The Phoenix Marauder, like many Teladi capitals, is extremely agile. Furthermore, as of XR 4.0 it is one of the fastest combat capital ships at 95m/s (second only to the Balor, which has 96m/s). This makes it an excellent patrol ship as well as a good freighter for making speedy, high-value trade runs (thanks to its Universal cargo bay).


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  2. Anonymous

    Remove Titurel & similar from the table please; although a reasonable fighting ship it's class is TRADE, & so subject to attacks from Phoenix pirates (good as a backup in Albion tho, post-PMC aggression) - Snafu

    1. Footnote 7 already makes it clear that they are Trade ships so I don't think it's that confusing. Since the player can chose to use the Titurel as a combat ship like the Reivers, it's useful to be able to compare it's stats to other combat ships. 

      1. Maybe, but Sinxar's forum comments make it clear that there is confusion. Break out the 'fighting traders' to a separate table at the bottom of the list (making clear their ship classification) or remove them from the 'fight' page entirely. As I said in the forum, I'm not sure if this page is autogenerated so I was reluctant to fiddle with it..)

        As we  have seen, even Lys can succumb to being swarmed by Phoenixes, let alone the Xenon in the area..

        (finally found my password again.. I'll have words with Ego about this.. (wink) )

  3. Anonymous

    Its not that im confused, its that they aren't fight ships. My argument is that while it does have higher DPS than normal, it is still a freighter regardless of how much dps it has.

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