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It is now possible to select multiple objects in the property owned menu. This enables you to send broadcast commands to a selection of ships. It also means that you can assign multiple ships to a new commander or have them join your squad in an easy and fast way.

The new "Fly to" command replaces the old "Fly to zone". The advantage is that you can pick the exact position (x and z coordinates) on the map.

Improved AI behaviour

  • Enemy combat ships using boost
  • Configurable Patrol behaviours with specific routes (NPCs)
  • Improved existing "Plunder" behaviours
  • Retreat and Evade behaviours
  • NPC doing more player-like actions in general (like hacking stations)

Most of of these behaviours are also affected by the skills of the pilot or captain. There will now also be a log book entry if one of the player ships flees.


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  1. Anonymous

    Flee mechanic details as of 02 March (v4 Release) here:

    ADDITION: original DEV notes upon Flee mechanic here: - Snafu

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