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Home of Light

This gamestart fits perfectly for trading. You get two very capable M-sized container trade ships and starts in a populated area close to the highway "ring". With this gamestart it is easy to get into real trading business fast.

Description: Reunited with the Home of Light system, factions from across the Jump Gate network rush to form ties with the illustrious Terracorp. Will you support their monopoly or attempt to undercut their local advantage?

Location: Home of Light, Terracorp Headquarters

Cash: 250,000 Cr

Equipment: Supercharged Engine Mk2, Behemoth Shield Mk2, Economy Analytics Software Mk1

Property: 1x Nyanae (Container), 1x Nyanae (Container)

Crew: None

Faction Relations: None

Verge Explorer

This is a gamestart for those who are interested in exploring. You start in the dangerous Toride system and enemies are always close by. The Skunk has a quite a capable crew, including a pilot and captain who can be put to good use in case you find an abandoned ship.

Description: The road you travel is perilous, and most who came before you were forced to flee, their ships wrecked or abandoned in the unforgiving void of space. How far can you and your crew go before turning back?

Location: Toride, Koroni

Cash: 50,000 Cr

Equipment: Equalized Engine Mk3, Dashing Shield Mk3, Police Scanner, Pulsed Maser Mk2, Inertial Hammer Mk2

Property: None

Crew: 1x Pilot, 1x Captain, 1x Defence Officer, 1x Engineer

Faction Relations: None

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