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Plasma Cannon Mk3

The Plasma Cannon Mk3 replaces the constant pulse of the previous versions with a burst of energy that can be charged by holding the weapon trigger for a number of seconds. This makes it perfect for controlling damage to larger, slower vessels. Be advised not to let the Mk3 overheat as its cooldown time is very slow!

Railgun Mk1

Designed to release its bullet at such high velocity to cause significant and almost immediate damage to its target, this particular implementation of a Railgun (AKA Gauss gun) is also equipped with an auto-zoom that allows it to focus on far-away targets when the trigger is pulled; releasing the trigger will fire the bullet. This makes the Railgun a very effective sniper weapon. NOTE that this replaces your mining weapon (including Heavy Laser), so think carefully before you swap!

Kyon Torpedo

The design of this torpedo means the majority of its damage is dealt to shields; together with its increased agility over the Nova Torpedo this makes it a perfect first strike weapon against capital ships. Parts for this weapon are hard to come by and you will have to go to dangerous areas of space to obtain them. No Vendors for this weapon have been discovered as yet.

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  1. Anonymous

    Worth noting that the craft recipe for "Kyon Torpedo" does not need the HoL DLC however one of the ingredients to complete it does meaning it can only be finished with the DLC. In theory one might be able to mod in the missing ingredient as the presence of the recipe shows data existing for it however if the craft works or missile functions without the DLC I do not know.

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