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Singularity Engine Time Accelerator (SETA)

SETA can be used by the player to increase in-game elapsed time: when SETA is active time is speeded up by 6. In order to get the SETA the player must find the appropriate items to be able to craft it; after successful crafting, SETA will end up as an inventory item and can be found in the inventory menu (enter-2-1-3). The SETA icon (right ring on the upper left of the ship status monitor) will then appear.

(To the left, both SETA and Jump Drive installed. To the right, no SETA nor Jump Drive installed)


When the SETA icon is greyed SETA is not currently available. There are many reasons for this: eg too close to a ship or a station; you will have to move the Skunk's position. When the SETA icon is lit, you can press J to activate it. While SETA is active time is accelerated by 6 times and the SETA icon will rotate.

Some conditions will cancel the SETA time acceleration, eg when the ship gets too close to stations, or a message is being shown on the event monitor


The items below are needed to craft a SETA. These items are rare drops that can be found in lockboxes around the universe.

Number Required
Interface Unit1
Damaged Singularity Engine1
Programmable Field Array1
Flux Capacitor1

Experimental Jump Drive


The Experimental Jump Drive can be acquired by completing the "X-perimental" mission chain, available from Omicron Lyrae from X Rebirth Version 4.0. When the Jump Drive has been installed (automatically) on the ship, the Jump Drive icon becomes visible. It is the left icon (the left ring) at upper left on the shield monitor. When the icon is blue, the Jump Drive is ready to use.


With the Experimental Jump Drive, the player can jump to any known (visited) Jump Gate or Jump Beacon via the map. If a zone contains a Jump Gate or Jump Beacon, selecting it in the zone map will enable the "Jump" button in the bottom-right of the UI element. Clicking the button once will start the Jump Drive. The Drive has an approximate fifteen second charge time before the jump takes place. If, in this time, the "Jump" button is clicked again, the jump will be aborted.

NB: If the map window is closed after beginning a jump, you must navigate the displayed map zone back to the target destination before the Abort button will be visible.

 Charging the Jump Drive 

In order to use the Jump Drive it has be to charged, which is indicated via the cockpit icon displaying a solid blue ring (on the lelf-hand side). There is a 10 (real-time; SETA  won't help) minute cooldown before the Jump Drive can be used again, but this can be skipped by using the inventory item Jump Drive Coolant (a very rare drop from enemies and lockboxes). During the recharging of the Jump Drive the icon changes colour and goes from red to solid blue.

Jump Drive cockpit display showing icons before, during and after a jump

Image description for the above: To the left, Jump Drive charged (blue). Center, jump in progress (yellow). To the right, Jump Drive recharging (red)

 Premature Jumps

To perform a jump before the 10 minute cooldown is complete, begin the jump process as normal by selecting your destination via the map. The normal Jump button will be replaced by a "Charge" button and a live countdown displaying how much time remains before you can use the Jump Drive again. As long as the inventory requirements are met, when you click on this button the ship will jump and 1 unit of Jump Drive Coolant will be removed from your inventory.

Map screen displaying the Charge button which replaces the Jump button during cooldown

NB: Jump Drive Coolant in your inventory is not consumed during jumps when you wait for the drive to fully recharge (i.e. when the display shows a blue circle)

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  1. Needs 1 more image showing a red (or yellow) JD cooldown with a grey SETA ring showing 'too close to object' - Snafu

    This will help to define which ring applies to which device

  2. Anonymous

    You can buy jump drive

    1. Anonymous

      You can buy jump drive

      This article is about the Experimental Jump Drive added with Update 4.0, which you can only install into the Skunk. You cannot buy it.

  3. Anonymous

    without knowing about the jump drive mission for my skunk i so;d the rare jump drive parts. is there a way to find more? Have been killing and looting everything I can kill, long range scanning all over the place but no rare jump drive parts to be found.

    1. If you've not tried already and don't mind spoilers, you could check out the following list of rare equipment and follow the link there to the JD page. It has info on what to focus your combat on. Try not to sell Coolant too.

      Craftable unique equipment

  4. Anonymous

    thank you, despite enough that spoilers are welcome

  5. Anonymous

    i dont see the Seti available??

     do you have to have the Home of Light DLC ?

    1. From this documentation (see above):
      " In order to get the SETA the player must find the appropriate items to be able to craft it."

      That said, no, HoL is not required to get SETA.

  6. Anonymous

    I will tell a cheat to take SETA. For Windows users... Linux user may be some diferent, but the same logic to do this cheat.


    1- Open your save file.. Mine is em the diretory "C:\Users\[redacted]\Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth\1638\save"

    You will se a lot of files like




    2- choose one, open it and extract the file in the same diretory you se the .gz files.

    3- The is a very large file, do not open notepad you will be crazy because a lot of codes, use wordpad or notepad++

    4- now press the F3 key and find <inventory>

    5- Change this to be in this form:


    <ware ware="inv_damagedsingularityengine"/>

    <ware ware="inv_interfaceunit"/>

    <ware ware="inv_fluxcapacitor"/>

    <ware ware="inv_programmablefieldarray"/>


    6- Now save. The file do not need to be compacted, the game will do this for you

    7- Open the game, go to your inventory and craft SETA e be happy like me....

    Please, excuse if a white gramatical errors, english is not my faturam language, but a wish to help any way. (smile)

    1. edit: [redacted] for your security

  7. Anonymous

    Can you make it more clean how to use jump drive coolants, after you have the jump drive installed? I jump to a location, then I access my inventory, and there seems to be no way to use the jump drive coolant from there. Is there a special key, or procedure to use the coolant?

    1. Anonymous

      I would expect for it to be used automatically. Either by providing a special user input from the usual jump button or simply by allowing a jump even before the usual cooldown phase is over.

    2. A more detailed explaination of how Jump Drive Coolant is consumed and used has now been added to the page

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