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120.02.2016Initial releaseIncludes CWIR mod stats
221.02.2016Minor change to pricesCaptain cost increased 10k on request
Added stats for a modReaper's Ship Pack [V1.12]
322.02.2016Added weapon stats-
402.03.2016Added S/M Fight shipsAdded comparisons of S/M/L/XL Fight ships
504.03.2016Fixed missile statsWith thanks to w.evans for missile code-diving and brain-storming
607.03.2016Added 3 new RSP ships-
710.03.2016Added IHC DPS calculationDPS value estimated with w.evans from game code
812.03.2016Fixed Taranis surface element listsNumbers of Plasma/MA and Plasma/JET had been inverted
916.03.2016Improved IHC statsIn-game DPS measured with shots against Sul shield and armour
103.21.2016Fixed multi-cargo StyrvoksCargo corrected to present as split instead of unified
Fixed V and Astrobee LaunchersIn-game rate of fire measured
1123.3.2016Adjusted drones for XL fight shipsDoubled usage vs L fight ships since a bigger investment is valid