In-game tutorials

Nine in-game tutorials are available, with the Flight School also offered up-front with each fresh game start through the Event Monitor. The in-game tutorials are there to guide and teach you specific features of the game. Only one tutorial at a time can be active. If you decided to start a second tutorial the first one will be cancelled.


Tutorials may be accessed through a few different ways:

Collectibles and CraftingManually collect containers and craft an item (Sidebar, 2, 3)
Drone BasicsThe purchase and deployment of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

Drones - Hacking

Trojan ROVs and the hacking of a nearby station
Drones - SabotageUsing Traitor ROV limpet mines on a nearby target dummy
Drones - ScanningUsing Beholder ROVs and revealing info about station modules
ExplorationLong Range Scan Mode (Sidebar, 1, 5) and lockboxes
Flight SchoolLearn the basics of operating your ship
HighwaysSector travel 101
StationsThe sights, sounds and surveying of stations

Tutorial Videos

The player can at any time watch video tutorials. Either the player can do this from the start menu or from the options menu in-game. Simply select "Video Tutorials" and decide what video you want to watch. A web browser will automatically open and take you directly to the video.